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Managing My Account

Authorising a Power of Attorney

You can make enquiries and changes on an account if you have been granted Power of Attorney to act on the account holder’s behalf. For access to the account, you will need to provide Southern Phone with the Power of Attorney and supporting documentation.

To add an account authority or to change or remove an existing authority, get in contact with us using the Need Support options below.

Register for online account access

Having online access to your account will allow you to manage a lot of your Southern Phone activities from your computer or mobile device. You will save time and have answers at your fingertips, instead of having to call.

Within our customer portal you'll be able to keep track of your usage, pay your bills online, set-up and manage direct debit, views your bills, plus much more.

To register for your account you'll just need:

1.  Your account number beginning with the letters ACC (capitals) which you will find on your most recent bill.

2. The email address attached to your Southern Phone account.

Account portal


Once you have entered these details successfully and hit 'Register' and you will receive an email to your email address (this may be in your junk/spam folder). Simply select 'click here' to be taken to the online registration form to confirm your secure password.

After you have registered, return to the login screen of our Customer Portal - My Account and enter your account number, password and identity verification code to access your account.

The account holder is incarcerated

Bereavement support

\We’re sorry for your loss and we would like to make managing their account with us as simple as possible.

This support article will give you key information about how to close an account and/or transfer ownership of an account if the account holder has passed away.

How to close an account and/or transfer ownership of an account:

If the account holder has passed away, give us a call on 13 14 64 and we can help you to close the account or transfer ownership of the account into your name. If you choose to transfer ownership of the account, you’ll need to meet our credit requirements.

When contacting us, please have the account holder’s phone number or account number ready, as well as their:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Home address

Who should contact us?

The person contacting us should be an authorised representative of the deceased. This includes:

  • Next of kin
  • Executor or administrator of the estate
  • Power of attorney
  • Trustee or solicitor administering the estate
  • An authorised representative listed on the account

Fraud prevention measures at Southern Phone

How do I appoint an Authorised Representative for my account?

A customer can appoint an Authorised Representative to act on their behalf if the customer requires.

A person who has been made an Authorised Representative has the power to act on the customer's behalf as if they are the customer or if the Authorised Representative has more limited rights, the level of access that the Authorised Representative has to the customer's information.

To appoint an Authorised Representative you should call our customer service team on 13 14 64 with your account number on hand and the name of the person you want to appoint as your representative.

You will be asked to complete a recording with us over the phone to add the representative to your account.

Where do I find my account number?

When you're filling out one of our online forms or getting help from us over the phone or on live chat, it's likely that you'll be asked for your account number. This helps us to ensure that we know who we're speaking too and is one of the processes involved in keeping your account safe.

But with driver's licence numbers, phone numbers and birthdays already taking up room in your memory, we could hardly expect you to remember your Southern Phone account number off the top of your head. Luckily, your account number can easily be located on your Southern Phone bill.

Southern Phone Bill:

We have recently updated the look of our bills and you can find your Account Number, beginning with with the letters ACC in the top right hand corner of the bill as per the image below.