Terms & Policies

Important things you need to know

Southern Phone maintains policy statements consistent with regulatory requirements and our business goals and operating procedures.
These policies reflect our values and our commitment to the highest standards of customer service.

Our Terms and Policies have been updated and the changes are effective from 8 November 2023. Please refer to the below for the list of changes.​

Southern Phone Customer Terms valid as of 8/11/2023
We made our terms more friendly and easier to understand, made favourable changes and provided more clarity. For example, we removed your obligation to indemnify us, and we clarified your rights when we make changes to our terms.

Privacy Policy

Device Payment Plan
We clarified our responsibility for products you’ve purchased from us, to make it clearer whether it’s us or you who are responsible.​

Domestic and Family Violence Policy

Financial Hardship Policy
We updated the policy so it’s more friendly and easier to understand. 

Fair Use Policy
We updated the policy so it’s more friendly and easier to understand. We clarified the extent to which the policy applies, and we refined what would be considered a breach of the policy.

Complaints Handling Policy
We made it clearer how we prioritise and escalate customer complaints and how we’ll notify you about the prioritisation or escalation of your complaint.

Direct Debit Request Service Agreement
We clarified how and when we’ll notify you about changes to the terms of this agreement, and we clarified what your rights are when the terms of this agreement are varied. We also clarified what kind of fees may be payable to us when there aren’t sufficient fund in your account.

Terms of use
We clarified our responsibility on the accuracy, adequacy and completeness of our website content. We also removed our termination right under this term. 

Customer Service Guarantee Waiver

Priority Assistance

Promotional Terms

Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code