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Updated 3 years ago

Service Features: Call Barring

Call Barring What Options Are Available?

We offer the following permanent barring options, where it is technically feasible: 

  • Emergency: we bar all outgoing calls except calls to 000;
  • Local: we bar all outgoing calls except calls to 000, to local calls, to 1800 numbers, to 13 numbers and to make an operator-assisted reverse charge call; or
  • 1800: we bar all outgoing calls except calls to 000, to 1800 numbers or operator assisted reverse charge calls; or
  • International Barring: we bar outgoing international direct calls (including 0011, 0015 and 0018); or
  • Operator Assisted Barring: we bar outgoing operator assisted calls (reverse charge calls remain available); or
  • Premium call barring: we bar outgoing calls to InfoCall 190 numbers

Call Barring How Does It Work?

We program these barring options into the exchange. You cannot add, change or remove them yourself. You need to ask us to add, change or remove your preferred barring option. (You can get barring options that you can turn on and off yourself by subscribing to the Call Control Feature.)

Call Barring How Much Does It Cost?

There is no charge for these barring options.