Updated 3 years ago

Service Features: Call Return

Call Return What Is It?

Call Return allows you to access the phone number of the last unanswered call on your home phone service, provided the call was not made from a blocked or silent number. Simply dialling *10# (star, ten, hash) will provide this phone number.

There is a charge of 35 cents to retrieve the number of your last unanswered call. If you decide to return the call by dialling 1, standard call charges will apply.

You cannot use call return if you have an ISDN service, NBN Service, VOIP Service or line hunt.

Can I Use Call Return To Retrieve A Private Number?

No, not all calls are accessible. Private numbers will not be disclosed.

Can I Have Call Return On My Mobile Service?

No, you cannot. However, your mobile phone will display the last unanswered call. This is indicated by a Missed Call message. Private numbers will not be displayed. Please refer to your mobile phone user guide for specific information.

Does Call Return Work With Call Waiting?

Yes, if a Call Waiting call is not answered it will be regarded as an unanswered call and can be accessed through Call Return.

To Retrieve The Last Unanswered Call:

  • Lift receiver
  • Dial *10#
  • Listen to the announcement
  • Hang up receiver

To Return The Last Unanswered Call

  • Lift receiver
  • Dial *10#
  • Listen to the announcement
  • Dial 1