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Updated 3 years ago

Service Features: Call Back

Call Back What Is It?

If the phone number you are calling is engaged, the Call Back feature will redial the number as soon as it becomes available up to a maximum of 45 minutes after arranging the Call Back.


Can I Use The Call Back Feature For Any Type Of Call I Make? 

No, Call Back cannot be arranged for all calls. It cannot be used for Operator Assisted Services, International destinations and may not work on some business numbers or other carriers' networks. 


Can Call Back Be Used For Unanswered Calls?

No, Call Back will only work when the number being called is engaged. 


How Many Call Backs Can I Have Arranged At One Time?

You can have a maximum of 5 Call Backs arranged at any one time.


Once A Call Back Is Requested, How Long Does It Last For?

The busy destination will be monitored for 45 minutes. After this time the Call Back will need to be requested again.


To Arrange A CallBack

When you receive a busy tone:

  • Press the Recall button
  • Dial *37#
  • Listen to the announcement
  • Hang up receiver
  • Your phone will give you a distinctive ring when your Call Back is available.

To Cancel A CallBack

  • Lift receiver
  • Dial #37#
  • Listen to the announcement
  • Hang up the receiver. 


To Find Out If You Have A Call Back Arranged

  • Lift receiver
  • Dial *#37#
  • Listen to the announcement
  • Hang up the receiver.