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Understanding My Bill

How do I read my bill?

Need help understanding your Southern Phone Bill?

We have created a handy step-by-step guide to reading your Southern Phone bill that explains how services, charges, billing periods and payment methods are displayed on your bill.

How do I change from paper to email billing?

It's easy to change your billing preferences in Southern Phone's customer portal by following the steps below:

1. Login to our Customer Portal - My Account

2Click on Billing and then Billing Options in the menu.

3. Under the header 'How do you receive your bills' turn on the switch for email billing and turn off the paper billing switch.

You can also change the email you want your bills sent to in this section by selecting the edit button.

Bill screenshot

TIP: You will need need to be registered for online access to change your bill settings. To register you will need your account number handy and the email related to your Southern Phone account. For help registering for online access click here. 

Pro-rata charges on your final bill

If you decide to cancel your service with Southern Phone, your final bill will also include a pro-rata amount.

The pro-rata amount is a partial charge from the beginning of your billing month to the date your service has been released or disconnected from Southern Phone Company.

If you paid any fees in advance when you started with Southern Phone, these fees will be shown as a credit on your final Southern Phone account.

This ensures that we only charge you for the time that your service was active with Southern Phone and don't charge you for more than you've used.

What is the $8.00 portability fee on my bill?

If you have recently transferred a Copper (PTSN) Service to the NBN, either with us or from us to another provider, you will notice a charge of $8.00 on your statement for an NBN portability fee.

This fee is an administration fee when a Service is originally transferred on to the NBN from the Copper (PTSN) network, it is only applicable for previously established services.

If you are getting a new number on the NBN you will not receive this charge.

Pro-rata charges on your first bill

Pro-rata is charging for a portion of a product/service and allocating a portion of the usage over a particular time.

When you sign up for a new service or a new account with Southern Phone, you will be assigned to one of our standard billing cycles.

On your first monthly invoice, you'll see that your monthly plan fee and usage allowances/limits will be calculated based on the number of days between when your service was activated and the end-date of this billing cycle (inclusive). This means that for your first month, you may not receive the full usage allowances/limits.

Advanced Billing

All new services are charged one month in advance. This means that on your first bill, you will receive a pro-rata charge for the time that you were active in the billing cycle, plus a month in advance of the full plan fee.

Future invoices will show the full standard monthly amount and include the full usage allowance.

If you ever cancel your service with Southern Phone, the fees you paid in advance will be credited back to your Southern Phone account

What are port out fees on my bill?

If you have recently transferred your Mobile Service(s) to another provider or requested your Mobile Service(s) to be disconnected, you will notice an $8.00 port out charge on your next statement. 

Month in advance charges on your final bill