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Updated 3 years ago

Wi-Fi And WPS Troubleshooting On The Modem

Below is a picture of our Netcomm NF10WV VDSL/ADSL N300 Modem detailing the Wi-Fi and WPS buttons. The most common issue with Wi-Fi not working is that someone has accidentally turned Wi-Fi off at the modem. We recommend double checking that Wi-Fi is turned on at the modem before looking into other possibilities that could be causing no Wi-Fi.

Side of a WiFi Modem

WiFi – This button switches the WiFi capabilities of the Modem on and off.  Check the above info for the corresponding status light, you’ll normally want to leave this on at all times.  If the WiFi light is off, test this button first to make sure it hasn’t been switched off manually.

WPS – This button switches on WPS authentication which is a temporary method of WiFi connection that removes the security from your network for a set period of time.  We generally don’t recommend using this due to the security concerns however some older devices may only support WPS connection.