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Speed Issues nbn®

If you are currently experiencing slow speeds we recommend completing the following troubleshooting.


  1. Complete a Power Cycle


To complete a Power Cycle all you have to do is turn off the equipment (modem) at the wall for 5 minutes and then turn it all back on again.


This just helps refresh the connection and gives it a kickstart.

If this doesn’t work, please try the below troubleshooting.



  1. Complete an Isolation Test


To complete an Isolation Test you need to remove all equipment from the phone sockets within your premises. This includes all phones, modems, faxes, splitters and filters.

You will need to leave the equipment disconnected from the sockets for a period of 15 minutes. Then, plug your modem directly into the main phone socket and re-test the Internet Connection


Try using the internet and see if it is back up to normal speed, if it is, there could be an issue with the splitter or even the phone line.


If this doesn’t increase your speed, please leave the modem in isolation and complete the below.


  1. Complete a Speed Test


To complete a speed test please connect your Modem directly to your computer with an Ethernet Cable. 

Please click on the below link once your equipment is connected as per the instructions. 


Please complete and keep the results of 3 speed tests at least 2 hours apart and email screenshots of your results to speed@southernphone.net.au