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Updated 3 years ago

My battery won't charge

If the battery is already fully charged, it will not accept any further charging. To check the battery status, check the battery icon on the mobile screen – if it is full, the battery is already fully charged.

If the battery is not fully charged:

Step 1: Remove the battery from the handset for up to 5 minutes – reinsert battery – hold down the power button to turn ON.

Step 2: Connect the handset into the power socket. After plugging the handset into the power socket a battery will appear on the screen for a short time (this may take a few minutes depending on how flat the battery is.)  Leave the handset on the charger for a few hours.

Step 3: If the battery icon does not appear within 10 minutes, if possible, test an alternate charger as the issue may be with the charger and not the handset.