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Updated 3 years ago

Special Calls: Reverse Charge Calls

Reverse Call Charges What Are They?

A reverse charge call is an operator-assisted service. A person calls a designated number and asks us to connect them to a particular phone number and charge the customer of that number for the call.

If the request is accepted and the call connected the person answering the call is asked whether they wish to accept the call. If the customer of the service requested by the caller accepts the call, we charge them the following charge in addition to the call charges for operator-assisted calls:


Per call

GST EXCL. $3.87

GST INCL. $4.25

For clarity, when you make an operator-assisted call which is also either a reverse charge, third-party charge or particular person call or any combinations of these, only one connection fee of $4.25 applies to the call. We charge the customer of the service requested even where that is not the service that answers the call and accepts it (eg, where the call to the requested service is diverted to another service).

Reverse charge calls can be made to numbers in Australia from either inside or outside Australia. If a reverse charge call from overseas is made, the call charges for operator-assisted international calls from Australia to the destination the caller is calling from apply.

You cannot make a reverse charge call to a mobile service or an InContact service. The per minute rates are expensive, up to $2.64 per minute for a reverse charge call from a public payphone.

Reverse Charge Call; What Number Do I Call?

Call 12 550 and follow the prompts.