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Scanning a QR code with a phone

A handy guide to the QR code

The last two years have been game-changing for QR code use in Australia. Learn how more about QR codes and how to use them on the Southern Phone blog.

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telephone with missed call notifications

6th Aug 2021

Five Ways to Spot a Scam Call

No one likes wasting time on the phone, or worse, getting scammed. Save yourself the pain and learn five ways to spot a scam call on the Southern Phone blog.

Man standing in a field with a tablet

30th Jul 2021

Getting High Speed Internet for Rural Australia

Find out why getting high-quality internet to remote and regional Australia can be a challenge. Learn how it is being addressed in the Southern Phone blog!

Tik Tok on phone

10th Jun 2021

How to Keep Kids Safe on TikTok

Learn about the TikTok app, from its definition to functionality, account settings, parental controls, privacy, and more! Read now.

People with chat bubbles

20th May 2021

Understanding Technical Telco Jargon

Wondering what common tech terms means? Here’s a list of everything to need to know, including definitions compiled by the Southern Phone team.

Samsung phones

18th May 2021

The All-New A Series

The Samsung A series are seriously ‘Awesome’ smartphones at a budget price. We highlight what you need to know in comparing the latest offering for 2021.

Samsung phone

29th Apr 2021

Samsung S21 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is another impressive smartphone from Samsung. Hear from Southern Phone about specifications, pricing, features and more today!


19th Apr 2021

Four Alternatives to AirPods

Find out about the best alternatives to Apple AirPods on the Southern Phone blog for the best advice and reviews online. Learn more today.

Seniors taking a photo on a phone

5th Apr 2021

Best Phones For Seniors 2021

Interested in learning more about the best phones for seniors? Read the 2021 list from Southern Phone today.

Cathedral, lighthouse, canon and coast

25th Mar 2021

Staff Picks: 10 things to do in Newcastle

Seize the moment and plan a trip to Newcastle, a beautifully rich historic and cultural harbour city.

Facebook on phone

1st Mar 2021

How to revoke Facebook app permissions

Learn more about how to check or revoke your Facebook permissions.

Samsung phones

18th Feb 2021

Samsung Galaxy A42 Review

Learn more about the latest instalment in the Samsung A series range of mid-range smartphones.

Elderly couple riding bikes

10th Feb 2021

How Does Life Change After Retirement?

Here is how you can prepare for how life changes after retirement.