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nbn® appointments and installation

Can weather affect my installation?

With the installation of equipment both inside and outside your home, adverse weather conditions can make installations unsafe for the nbn installer. If the weather prevents a safe installation, it would need to be rescheduled for another day.

What happens if I am not available for the nbn® installation appointment?

Contact our friendly team via our website, live chat or over the phone as soon as possible to arrange a new appointment that better suits you.

If you miss your appointment and do not notify us, you may be charged a fee for the missed appointment, so it is important that you contact us ahead of time.

What equipment do I need for installation?

If necessary, an nbn technician will complete a standard installation of the required nbn equipment at no cost to you.

Fees may be incurred for non-standard installations as determined by nbn and we will advise you of these costs before installation/connection.

Can I choose where nbn equipment is installed on my premises?

Yes, you can choose where the equipment is installed however, if your preferred locations are unsuitable, the technician will explain this to you and help you choose an alternate location.

Modem Specifications

How to I cancel my nbn™ order?

Once an nbn order has been submitted, we start the connection process immediately so if you need to cancel or change your order, you will need to get in contact with us as soon as possible. We will check the progress of your order and cancel the order if the service has not already been connected.

How long will it take to connect to the nbn™ network?

Once your order has been placed, a standard nbn connection can range from a couple of hours up to 6 weeks.
This can vary based on:
- If your premise has been connected previously
- If you are in a rural or metro location

If an appointment is required for your connection, we will notify you ahead of time as someone over the age of 18 years will need to be present.

Once the data component of your nbn order is complete, if ordered, we will then start the process of porting your landline over to the nbn network which can take up to 4 weeks.