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Updated 3 years ago

Modems supported by Southern Phone Company

If you have already have a modem before coming to Southern Phone and don't want to purchase one from us, you will need to ensure your modem isn't locked by your current network provider.

Here is a list of modems that Southern Phone will help you set-up, Connect and Configure where necessary:

 Netcomm Wireless NF10WV

Netcomm Wireless NF 17ACV

Netcomm Wireless NF8AC

Netcomm Wireless NF4V

Netcomm Wireless NF7

Netcomm Wireless NF18AC

DLink DSL - G225

DLink DSL - 2750B

DLink DSL - 2750U

DLink DSL - 2877AL

DLink DSL - 2885AL

DLink DSL – 2888A

DLink DSL - 4320L

DLink – DVA -2800’

Netgear – D7800

Netgear - D7000

Netgear – D6400

Netgear – D6220

TP-Link TD-W9960

TP-Link TD-W8961N

TP-Link – Archer VR300

TP-Link – Archer VR400

TP-Link – Archer VR500v

TP-Link – Archer VR600

TP-Link – Archer VR600v

TP-Link TD-VG5612

TP-Link TD-VG3631

Huawei HG659

If at anytime, your modem is found to be faulty by one of our technical agents, we will refer you to the manufacturer for a warranty replacement (where applicable), alternatively, you can purchase one from us, or any technical store (such as JB HI-FI)

Please note: If your modem brand/model isn't on this list, we will do our best to assist you in whatever way possible, however, you may be referred back to the manufacturer for further assistance.