Updated 3 years ago

Finding A Previous In-Place Number

If you are wanting a New Connection or are Relocating a Service, it is really helpful to be able to provide the previous number that was connected at the premises you are wanting a connection too. 

The previous phone number is called "A Previous In-Place Number". 

Providing us with the Previous In-Place Number is very helpful as not only does it mean we can locate the premises easily, but it can also mean the difference between a New Line Fee ($339.00) and a Standard Connection Fee ($99.00) as we are able to determine if there is a line available for us to connect to.

There are a couple of ways of obtaining a Previous In-Place Number, depending on if there is or isn't dial tone when you plug a handset in at the premises.

Finding an In-Place Number - With Dial Tone - Call 12 722 123

Finding an In-Place Number - Without Dial Tone - Call 1800 801 920

Once you have the Previous In-Place Number, be sure to get in contact with us and let us know the details, we will then include this with your order request and get your Service connected as quickly as possible for you.