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Make a difference.
Go Carbon Neutral.

All our products are now certified carbon neutral at no additional charge to you.

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We hear you loud and clear, Australia - a sustainable future matters to you.

That's why all our mobile, internet and home phone products are now certified carbon neutral by Climate Active. You can enjoy your products knowing they support a more sustainable future for everyone.

What does carbon neutral mean?

It means the greenhouse gas emissions associated with an activity like generating power are reduced or offset to a total of zero. For a product to be considered carbon neutral, action must be taken to reduce and offset the emissions associated with supplying it to you.

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How is it achieved?

A common way is through carbon offsetting, which is when organisations buy and retire eligible carbon offsets (sometimes called a ‘carbon credit’) to compensate for the emissions they produce. These offsets are created from initiatives that prevent, reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Find out more about Carbon Offsetting

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Why is Carbon Neutral important?

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Our certified Carbon Neutral products are accredited by Climate Active.

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We offset the emissions associated with the certified Carbon Neutral products supplied to you.

Carbon Neutral World

Carbon Neutral products help make a difference, both locally and globally.

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What is Climate Active certification?

Climate Active is an Australian network of individuals, businesses and organisations that aims to empower Australians to take climate action now and for the future. The Climate Active network is comprised of certified members across a wide range of industries. This Australian government-backed program enables all levels of Australian society to work together to protect the environment.

How does it work?

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Use your products

The supply and use of your services create carbon emissions, which affect climate change. When you buy one of our services, we'll calculate the emissions associated with that service provided to you.

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We offset these emissions

We buy eligible carbon credits from accredited projects to offset these emissions.

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Together we make a difference

We choose offset projects from Australia and around the world that deliver real benefits for the planet. So you know your small change is making a big impact.

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Projects that make a difference

Not all carbon offset units are created equal. We undertake a rigorous selection process when it comes to the carbon offsets we purchase. Initiatives such as the Carbon Conscious Capture Project 1 have helped reforest 5,700 hectares of land in Western Australia. The reforestation is providing a protective habitat for native flora and fauna and reducing wind and water erosion.

Learn more about our carbon offset projects.
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Need more information

Visit our help center for more information about Carbon Neutral.

See our Carbon Neutral FAQs.