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20th Apr 2023

Pros and Cons of SIM Only Plans


Pros and Cons of SIM Only Plans

Having a smartphone doesn’t automatically mean you’ll enter into a smart plan. Not all SIM and plan options will be beneficial for you, and you could end up paying for more than you actually need. 

Whether you’re shopping for a phone upgrade or simply looking for a more economical way to use your current phone, a SIM only plan could be a favourable option. 

Let’s explore the features, advantages, and disadvantages, so you can make the best decision when it comes to choosing the most suitable option. 


What is a SIM Only Plan?

A SIM Only plan is a mobile phone plan that covers the costs of the service only. It is completely separate from any expense related to owning or leasing the device itself. They are also sometimes referred to as BYO phone plans, and as the name suggests, they do not include a phone as part of the contract. They cover talk, text and data usage; and whether new or old, you will need to source your own device. 


Advantages of a SIM Only Plan

Some people prefer SIM only plans if they have an ‘unlocked’ phone, postponing an upgrade, or looking to save on a month-to-month basis. If you are wondering whether a SIM only plan is right for you, take a look at some of the key advantages of BYO phone plans below. 

Flexibility: A SIM only plan allows you to leave the contract with less of a financial burden if you decide for any reason that you want out. The more conventional plans are more expensive, as often you must pay for the phone on top of the service charges. This can make them a far more expensive commitment.

Shop Around for a Better Deal: A SIM only plan provides you with the unique opportunity to shop around for the best value for your phone. Don’t get stuck paying top dollar for the flagship models! Instead, look around for cheaper suppliers or phones from brands that don’t demand the highest prices. There are several brands on the market that offer phones just as capable as those from Apple and Samsung. 

Less Risk, Less Commitment: With a SIM only plan, you are exposing yourself to less risk when it comes to contract pay-outs. Imagine you moved to a new house only to find that you don’t get service in your new area. To leave the contract, you would be required to pay the rest out. This is significantly cheaper on a SIM only plan! No long term contracts means you can change providers whenever you need to. 

Cheaper monthly costs:  The hefty monthly repayment associated with most phone plans is generally a result of the new handset you’re paying off. Given SIM only plans don’t come with a handset, they are much cheaper and you’re far less likely to dread your monthly payments when the due date rolls around. You’ll only be paying for the services you use like data, talk and text. 

Choose whatever phone you like: There’s no denying we all favour a certain device. While you may be able to teach a dog new tricks when it comes to learning about the functionalities of a new phone, it’s not often the most convenient option. A SIM only plan allows you to choose the phone you prefer, without the cost of the plan reflecting your choice. 

No credit check: To enter a long-term contract, you’ll often be required to undergo a credit check. If you don’t pass the check, you won’t be eligible to enter a contract and it can also tarnish your credit history even more. With a SIM only plan, you won’t need to worry about your credit history affecting your options. 


Activating your SIM is simple: You don’t need to go in store or worry about the hassle of a face-to-face meeting with an agent to start your plan. You can simply do it yourself online and chat to a representative virtually if you need assistance. You can learn more about activating a SIM here


Disadvantages of a SIM Only Plan

If you’re in need of a new device or enjoy upgrading regularly, a SIM only plan may be less suitable for you. Take a look at some of the disadvantages of BYO phone plans below to determine whether they will apply to you. 

Higher Upfront Expense: If you don’t currently own a phone or require an upgrade, buying your phone outright will be essential when opting for a SIM only plan. As a result, the upfront expense is much higher. While it may turn out cheaper for you in the long run, you will need to be prepared to pay a significant expense at the beginning of your new phone plan.

Potential Network Incompatibility: Although this isn’t as common nowadays, network incompatibility is a potential hurdle that you may need to overcome when buying a phone that is not from your service provider. To avoid any unfortunate mistakes here, be sure to check the network capabilities of the handset you’re intending to buy.

Upgrading Tech is Less Cost Effective: This point is most important for tech-lovers. On a SIM Only plan, you are required to pay for all your new devices upfront. As a result, you may find yourself struggling to pay for the new tech that you want, when you want it. Tech lovers who like to upgrade regularly are likely to find it more affordable as part of a monthly repayment plan.


If you like the sound of a SIM only plan and feel as though the advantages could be greatly beneficial to your current financial situation and lifestyle; take a look at the awesome SIM offers available at Southern Phone. If you’d like to learn more before deciding, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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