19th Mar 2018

Southern Phone's New Exciting Look


You may have noticed that our website looks a little bit different and we’ve introduced a new logo.


Our logo has been redesigned to include a truly Australian icon, boomerangs. As many people know, the special thing about a boomerang is that when thrown properly, it returns to you. In the same way, when you purchase Southern Phone products and services, you will see a return of investment into Australian communities. Did you know that we have returned more than $16.4 million back into local communities since we began?


The boomerangs or bracket designs in the logo also signify support, much like hands carrying or supporting something. You can depend on us to support Australian communities and to look after you as a customer.


Our logo also naturally forms the shape of Australia, a reminder that we are Southern Phone: uniquely Australian.


Aside from the changes to our look, you can still expect us to continue our mission of delivering world-class products and services, supported with local care.

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