23rd Oct 2017

Southern Phone Receives a 2017 Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award


The heart of a company is its customers.

At Southern Phone, this is one of many reasons we aim to prioritise an excellent experience for every single one of our customers. Good products and low prices mean very little if customer service is lacking. We aim to deliver the best in every area, and know that the foundation of this involves building and nurturing strong customer relationships.

I’m delighted to share that we’ve recently been recognised in this arena. We have been awarded the 2017 Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award in the ‘Home Phone Provider’ category, for the 5th year straight. This is a distinction, and one we’re humbled to receive. With the results reflecting genuine customer experience, this award helps us know that we’re on the right track to helping customers have the best possible experience.

A Valued Recognition

Our team is very pleased by this honour. Each month, Roy Morgan Research collects survey responses from consumers throughout Australia, with approximately 50,000 individuals surveyed each year. Awards are given in multiple categories and subcategories to encompass the range of services commonly used by Australians.

Awards are presented monthly, and at the end of the calendar year, there is a winner in each category based on how many #1 months that organisation had. For Southern Phone, this means that we were ranked at the top of the Home Phone Provider category for six months in 2017. This is exciting.

Award-Winning Customer Service: What Does it Take?

Our commitment to quality customer service is serious. And kind words from many of our customers show this to be the case.

For us, it’s all about focusing first and foremost on the customer’s needs. We aim to identify the concerns of Australians and then craft simple, affordable solutions to reduce or eliminate those problems. This means keeping you at top of mind, from designing services to setting our prices. Since 2008, we’ve maintained impressive low pricing, with the aim of giving back to and supporting Australian regional communities.

Customer service also extends to our relationship with those we service. From the very first phone interaction, you can count on prompt, friendly, and courteous service. It’s especially important to us to ensure that our customers not only are satisfied with our products and services, but that they understand how to use them and how to make the most of them. We’re happy to answer any questions about your phone and internet services.

What’s Next for Southern Phone?

We have plans for improvements that will make our service even better. Currently, we are making substantial investments in systems that will allow us to provide a smoother, more personalised customer experience. We’re also continuously expanding our team, with the goal of increasing the size of our customer service staff and reducing customer wait times. Our Australian call centre is always working hard to improve.

Here’s one great way we’re making changes: We recently implemented a new system which makes the process of speaking to someone in our Australian call centre much easier. Rather than waiting on hold for a representative to take your call, you have the option to request a call back at your convenience. This allows you to go about your day without being on hold, but you still keep your place in the queue. When a team member is available, you’ll get a call back. It’s a clever update that I am really proud of because I know it will make life easier for a lot of our customers.

Finally, we’re always working to fix what isn’t working. Information gathered from sources like the Roy Morgan surveys is extremely valuable to our organisation and helps us adjust and adapt to better meet your needs.

As Managing Director of Southern Phone, and on behalf of my team, we look forward to continuing to serve you in 2018 and beyond.

David Joss

Managing Director

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