19th Mar 2018

Need Something? Try Our New Southern Phone App!


There’s an app for nearly everything now, and with good reason. Mobile apps provide amazing opportunities to streamline our daily lives, adding to our productivity, efficiency, and even to our health. But apps aren’t just for tracking your exercise or getting driving directions. They serve a great purpose when it comes to practical matters.

For your utilities and other services, apps can be extraordinarily helpful. This is why Southern Phone has introduced an app of our very own, designed to make things easier for our customers. With a streamlined interface and in-demand features, you can manage your account on the go, at the tap of a button.


Your Details, When You Need Them

No more calling in for simple questions; you’ll be able to find the answers to the most common problems right in the app. (Of course, we’ll always be available on the phone if you need further assistance). You won’t have to sift through your paper documents to find recent bill information, either. It’s all stored right in the app ready for viewing. Let’s take a closer look at what the app provides for customers like you.


Check Your Usage

Need to check on your mobile data usage? What could be easier than checking it right from your phone? Simply login to the app and you can get a visual overview of your data usage (usage information may be delayed by 48 hours). Perfect for helping you stick to your plan limits, or find out where most of your data is going.


Pay Your Bill

Staying on top of your bill has never been easier. You can now pay directly through the Southern Phone app. With the click of a button, you can quickly send over your payment, plus check due dates and see bill details.

You’ll also be able to access an archive of previous monthly bills. It’s great to have all these documents in one virtual place, enabling you to track your usage over time.


Get Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of repeat questions we get asked a lot here at Southern Phone. Chances are, you’ve had some of these questions yourself. Now, this information is right at your fingertips, conveniently compiled in our app. By searching these FAQs, you can find solutions to common issues, and even troubleshoot your own device problems. You’re going to love the self-serve nature of our app.


Find Support

If can’t find the answer to your question in the app, no worries. You can get in touch with our support team via the app and we’ll respond to you promptly. This provides an excellent alternative to phoning us, and you’ll receive the same great service, at your convenience.


Saving Your Valuable Time

The best thing about our new app is that it will save you time. The app is stocked with information, regarding both your personal services and payments as well as general customer queries. You’ve got answers in the palm of your hand.

As more of our customers are better able to find the information they need---and faster---we look forward to serving you with shorter wait times when you need us most.

You can download the app foriPhoneor forAndroid.

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