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14th Mar 2018

A Plan for Your Clan: Our New Family Friendly Mobile Plans


Families are lucky in our modern world. Mobile phones make it easier than ever to keep in touch with loved ones. Using your device, you can text your kids about what time you’ll pick them up from school. They can give you a quick call if they’re going to a friend’s house. No matter your message, you can communicate about things both important and fun with the touch of the button.

It’s great to be so connected to your family, but with multiple family members needing devices, the cost can add up. Well, we have great news: our new family friendly mobile plans give you the connectivity you need (unlimited, if you want!) at fabulous rates.

About the Plans

Most of our family friendly mobile plans offer unlimited calls and SMS (unlimited text messages). While the data inclusions (ranging from 750Mb to 7Gb) and unlimited calls and texts are great, the real value-add in these plans is the inclusion of a subscription to to Family Zone. This service will help you to ensure that your kids don’t come across any adult content while surfing the web, restrict social media access and manage their screen time.

For those families who love to use their apps, we offer plans designed to support larger data amounts. You’ll still enjoy the same unlimited calling and texting. If you want a family phone plan, but don’t plan to use it very often (perhaps only in urgent situations), our $12/month plan would be perfect. This provides a combined $500/month of call time and messaging. This is typically more than sufficient for brief calls and limited texting, and is an excellent option if you want a highly affordable plan.

Why a Family Friendly Plan?

Having a family friendly mobile plan is a top value for Australian families. No matter how many individual family members are on the plan, everyone benefits. It’s so simple to keep track of just one single mobile phone bill, and with no automatic data-boosts, you won’t be shocked by a big bill if the kids use all their data (as they tend to do). It’s not just for kids and parents either. You can get a mobile for your gran and make sure she stays connected, too.

Handsets are not included with these plans. Call us to find out more details on plan specifics. These plans are month to month, so give them a try and stay as long as you like. We’ll be here.

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