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Next Home Phone

Is it hard to connect?

Our team have designed an easy to follow connection guide and video to make your activation seamless.

But if you are worried about the setup, our friendly team is available to talk you through your set up.

Do I need to get a new landline handset?

Most handsets are compatible with our Next Home Phone system, however, if you would like to clarify this, our team can always double check for you when completing a sign up.

Do I need any extra equipment?

After signing up we will send you out your Next Home Phone device via courier. Once activated, you are ready to go.

There is no additional cost for the Next Home Phone device.

Will my Medical Alarm continue to work if I get Next Home Phone?

Southern Phone cannot guarantee that your medical alert devices will continue to work. As a safety precaution, we recommend contacting your supplier to undertake the relevant checks, otherwise, you may also speak with a member who can offer more information about whether your service will be compatible.

Why do I have to change my phone service?

For more people, the nbn™ network is replacing the existing copper network. As the nbn network rolls out across Australia, most people will need to move their home phone and internet services to the nbn network to keep using their phone and internet at home.

Next Home Phone is available in selected areas and uses the copper network so does not require a connection to the nbn network.

What is Next Home Phone?

Next Home Phone is a new product which allows you to maintain your current landline service and avoid the hassle of connecting to the NBN, or connecting an internet service you are not going to use.
All you need to do is select your new home phone plan and complete 4 simple activation steps, and you will be ready to go on the new plan. No complicated technology!

Will any of my account details change?

Your Southern Phone account details and set up will remain the same. The only change you will notice is your new plan fee for your landline service.

How much do I have to pay?

That depends entirely on which plan you choose to take. Whatever plan you decide will determine your monthly charge for your landline service. Please review our Critical Information Summary for our Next Home Phone monthly plan fee’s.

Do I have to enter into a new contract?

Yes, a 24 month contract applies to all Next Home Phone plans

Are there any discounts for Seniors?

Can I keep my same home phone number?

Yes – you can maintain your existing home phone number when switching to Next Home Phone.

Can I keep Next Home Phone if I move to a new house?

If you are going to be moving to a new house, it is best to contact our team to make sure the service will still be available and supported at your new address. Once we have confirmed the service is available, we can arrange the relocation for you.