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Common Questions About nbn® Sky Muster® Plus Premium Broadband

Will there be a Fair Usage Policy in place for the new Sky Muster® Plus Premium service?

Yes – the Sky Muster® Plus Premium service has a Fair Use Policy in place in order to help ensure fair access to the service, especially during peak times. Satellite capacity is a finite resource and NBN helps ensure that everyone has access to a great online experience. The Fair Use Policy is as follows:

The use of 75GB or more data in a 4-week rolling period during peak hours constitutes a breach of the Fair Use Policy. The use 150GB or more of total data including both peak and off-peak in a 4-week rolling period constituted a breach of the Fair Use Policy.

What factors will influence my signal strength for nbn® Sky Muster® Plus Premium satellite?

These considerations may help if you’re experiencing performance or speed issues on your nbn® Sky Muster® Plus satellite service:

• Networking equipment: Check the quality of your networking equipment, for example, a better router/modem could improve your experience.

• Wi-Fi signal strength: Wi-Fi modems can vary in signal strength, so it’s best to check with your provider if the modem that they’ve supplied meets your performance expectations.

• Where you position your Wi-Fi modem: Other electronics can impact your Wi-Fi signal – mobile phones, microwaves and TVs rely on radio signals. Having your router placed as far away from these devices as possible can help.

• The number of devices online at the same time: If you regularly have many users and devices actively online at the same time, and stream videos on a regular basis, contact us to check whether a higher speed tier plan is available.

• Network congestion: Traffic (particularly during peak periods when more people are online) can have an effect on your internet experience – particularly during peak usage times.

If you’re still experiencing issues with your nbn® service, contact our friendly team for further assistance.

What does the nbn® Sky Muster® Plus Premium supplied equipment look like?

Depending on the internal or external locations, the devices installed may differ to the ones shown in the diagram.

Satellite diagram

The satellite dish may alternatively be mounted on your roof or gutter.