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Updated 3 years ago

Mobile Rates


International Calls and SMS Credits are not included on all Southern Phone Plans. (If you are unsure of your plan inclusions refer to your CIS HERE)

If your plan does not include International calls, please see the following for your rates:

Please note these are call rates, and all calls will incur a $0.40 connection charge.

Here you will find call rates for Southern Phone Telstra Mobile network services:
Telstra International Call Rates

Here you will find call rates for Southern Phone Optus Mobile network services:
Optus International Call Rates

If an SMS is sent to an International Mobile number and your plan does not include International SMS, this will be $0.55 per SMS. If an SMS exceeds 180 character limit, this will then be sent as two messages and displayed on your invoice as two individual SMS sent at the same time.

Directory Assistance:

Directory Assistance is a phone service used to find out a specific telephone number and/or address of a residence, business, or government entity. 

In Australia, there are two standard directory assistance numbers that can be accessed from any phone provider, these are 1223 for national directory assistance and 1225 for international directory assistance.

These calls are not included in your monthly mobile allowance. They are charged at a rate of $0.40 to connect the call and a further $0.99 per minute. Often you will receive an SMS after making this call containing the details you inquired about, this will be a reverse charge to your mobile account and you will be charged for an SMS at a rate of $0.25.

Please note, these charges are not controlled by Southern Phone, they are incurred by the Directory Assistance provider.

Premium Numbers:

A "premium" number is often a number that begins with "19". The best example of this number is Sunrise Cash Cow on 19 777 077 where a Single SMS entry will be charged at the premium rate of $0.55 (including GST).

Premium services are not included in any Southern Phone Mobile plan, so these will be charged in excess of your normal monthly plan fee under the heading "Mobile Special Calls" on your invoice. These fees are non negotiable and are charged by the premium parties.

Satellite phone Calls:

Satellite phone calls from your mobile service are not included in your monthly call allowance. These are classed as a "Special" call. Call rates can differ dependent on mobile network and calling destinations.