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Updated 3 years ago

My Mobile Broadband Isn't Working Properly - What Could Be The Cause

Like any mobile service, your connection will be susceptible to several factors that can affect its performance adversely, such as wind, rain and network congestion.  We’ll touch on a few of these here:

Weather – Adverse weather can significantly impact mobile services, ranging from an intermittent loss to full-blown outages. If you’re experiencing poor weather conditions, you can guarantee that your MBB service will be affected. This applies, particularly to strong winds and storm conditions.

Congestion – MBB operates on the same networks used by all mobile services however calls and SMS take priority over mobile data. This means that during peak periods, such as before and after school and into the evening, you can expect your service to be impacted by the spike in usage.  This will usually translate to slower than normal speeds however during holiday periods, the service may slow down significantly or be lost completely.

Outages – Outages can occur due to hardware failures, extreme weather conditions and Telco network difficulties. This will most often translate to a full loss of service that can range from minutes to days in length.  You can often locate an outage if you still have internet access by checking the Telstra or Optus outage website directly however you can always come to us if you need confirmation. Bear in mind that as a Network re-seller, there’s very little we can do to assist during an outage.