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Updated 3 years ago

Data usage guidelines

It is important to get the right amount of data for your usage needs. The guide below gives you an estimate of how much data you may use per hour using popular apps and services. Please note your usage may vary.


HD video streaming 2-3GB/Hour

SD video streaming 1-1.5GB/Hour

Music streaming 0.5GB/Hour

Web browsing 0.2GB/Hour

Social media 0.2GB/Hour

Social media w/ multimedia 1-1.5GB/Hour

Pictures (per 1000) 5GB/Hour


*The figures above represent an approximation of data consumption across different services and applications. These are provided as a guide that allow you to choose the optimal plan for your personal needs. The actual consumption may vary based on your device type, the number of devices connected to your service and the application you are using.