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Updated 3 years ago

VoIP Settings for NetComm Wireless Modems (NF10WV, NF17ACV, NF18ACV)

Setting up a VoIP Phone

This guide is designed for you on how to set up your VoIP Phone Service.

  1. You'll first need a device that is connected to the modem via Ethernet (Network Cable or RJ45 Cable) or via Wi-Fi (Wireless).
  2. Once you have this device you need to open your Internet Browser (This could be Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet) and in the Address bar or where you see it says something like "Search" or "Enter URL" type in and then press Enter or “Go”.
  3. You should now see a login screen which will look like below. Please enter the Username as admin and the Password as admin and click Sign inlogin or OK.

    You will now get a Netcomm Wireless Page which should look like below:

  4. Now on the left-hand side menu you'll want to click on “Voice” and then below Voice click on “SIP Basic Setting” you should see a screen like below:

  5. On this Screen you want to make sure that the Bound Interface Name is “Any_WAN”, the Country is set to “AUS – Australia” and the SIP local port (1-65535) is set to 5060.

  6. Now you want to tick the box Use SIP Proxy, you'll see two new boxes and you'll want to go to the box SIP Proxy enter and the box SIP Proxy Port enter

  7. Now you want to tick the box Use SIP Outbound Proxy, you'll see 2 new boxes and you'll want to go to the box SIP Outbound Proxy enter and the box SIP Outbound Proxy port enter 5060.

  8. Now you want to tick the box Use SIP Registrar, you'll see 2 new boxes and you'll want to go to the box SIP Registrar enter and the box SIP Registrar port enter 5060.

  9. Now in the SIP Account Table, you need to enter the Phone Number supplied into the Authentication name, Cid Name and Cid Number boxes and then enter the Password supplied into the Password box all in the column labelled “1” which now should look like below:

  10. Now click on the Apply button at the bottom of the page.
  11. Now on the left-hand side menu click on SIP Advanced Setting under the Voice Menu and you should now see a page that looks like below:

  12. On this page you need to make sure that under column “1” you untick Forward unconditionally, Forward on "busy", Forward on "no answer", Anonymous call blocking and Anonymous calling.
  13. As well as further down the page under the PayLoad Setting, change the Dtmf Relay setting drop down box to SIPinfo which should look like below:

  14.  Now at the bottom of the page click on the Apply Button.
  15. You should now have a Phone 1 Light on the Front of the modem, shown below:

Setting Up The ACS

We now need to update the modem settings to allow us to check and make sure your modem is working properly.

  1. You now need to click on Management and then click on TR-069 Client and you should see a screen that looks like below:

  2. You now need to tick Enable WAN Management Protocol (TR-069) and to select Enable for Inform.

  3. Now for the Inform Interval you need to enter 86400, for ACS URL you need to enter, for the ACS Username and ACS Password you need to add the Modem Serial Number (you can find this information on the back of the modem or on the device info Page)

    And the WAN Interface Used By TR-069 Client set to Any_WAN.

  4. Now make sure that the Display SOAP messages on Serial Console has Disable selected, now tick the box for Connection Request Authentication and in the boxes for Connection Request Username and Connection Request Password are both spcacs.

  5. Now on the bottom of the page click the Apply/Save Button and the page should look like below: