Updated 3 years ago

How do I request a payment extension?

Can I request a payment extension online or do I need to call?

A payment extension can be requested online if your account meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • Your latest invoice must not have a "Total Due" greater than $350.00;
  • A payment must have been made to the account within the last two months; and
  • You must not have an existing payment arrangement already in place.

If your account does not meet the above criteria, a payment extension may still be possible by calling our designated team on 13 14 64 (option 3).

Please note that an accepted payment arrangement may not prevent a late payment fee from being incurred. 

How can I apply for a payment extension? 

Online Application

If your account meets the above criteria, you can apply for a payment extension by completing the online application form: https://www.southernphone.com.au/Forms/Payment-Extension-Request/

In the event that your requested extension date cannot be automatically approved, a member of our team will call you in order to discuss a suitable arrangement. 

By Phone

If you prefer to contact us by phone to discuss your particular situation, our designated team can be reached directly on 13 14 64 (option 3) during the following hours:

Monday – Thursday       8:00am -  6:00pm AEST

Friday                           8:00am – 5:00pm AEST

What happens if I can't pay as agreed?

It is important for you to contact us on 13 14 64 (option 3) before the extended due date arrives if you are unable to make the agreed payment.

We will do what we can to offer a further extension but in certain circumstances, it may be necessary for some services to be temporarily restricted in order to prevent you from falling further behind.

At this time, you may find some useful information relating to our Financial Hardship Policy here .