Customer Service Guarantee Waiver
Southern Phone

1. The ins and outs of the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG)

We’re committed to giving you great customer service and complying with our CSG obligations under the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999 (the Act) and the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011 (CSG Standard).

The Act and the CSG Standard require us to guarantee that you’ll get minimum levels of service for your standard telephone services and enhanced call handling features. This covers timeframes to connect your services and fix faults, and in keeping our appointments with you.

The CSG also requires us to compensate you financially if you take up an eligible service and we don’t meet the guarantees.

Give us a call on 13 14 64 if you have any questions about the CSG Standard or the CSG waiver.

2. What’s covered?

The CSG covers the supply of standard telephone services, including voice grade services to connect you to the internet and enhanced call-handling features.

The CSG doesn’t apply to the following services:

- mobile or satellite telephone services;

- broadband/internet services;

- customer equipment; and

- timeframes to connect a service and to fix faults or service difficulties under the CSG Standard; and

- services to customers that have more than five standard telephone services. 

However, if one of these services is bundled with a standard telephone service, we’ll need you to provide a CSG waiver – see below.

3. A step by step look at the CSG waiver

We require customers who take up a standard telephone service to agree to a CSG waiver, including where the standard telephone service is bundled with another service. This means you agree to fully waive your rights under the CSG Standard for nbn® voice services and other types of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. However, this waiver doesn’t apply to services provided in fulfilment of the universal service obligation (these services are provided by Telstra). 

You don’t have to waive your CSG rights, but if you don't, we won't be able to supply a service to you, as this is how we've designed the Home Phone plan. 

By agreeing to this CSG waiver, you agree to waive your rights under the CSG Standard, including your rights to financial compensation relating to the following:

- damages for breach of performance standards, and the time to pay these damages, under 116 and 117A of the Act. 

- information to be given to customers under the CSG Standard;

- timeframes to connect a service and to fix faults or service difficulties under the CSG Standard; and

- performance standards relating to customer appointments under the CSG Standard.

This waiver doesn’t stop you from contacting us about a fault with your service.  Be assured that we’ll do our best to fix a fault with your service as soon as possible whether or not the CSG obligations apply.

This waiver starts when you agree to it. If you agree to the waiver over the phone, the waiver will start 5 working days after you agree unless you withdraw your agreement before then.

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