14th Apr 2020

Wi-Fi connected but no Internet?


Are you connected to your Wi-Fi but not to the Internet? If you are having connection issues check out our guide. Our guide provides some basic troubleshooting steps to help you get connected to the internet.

Start with your Modem:

1. Check modem lights

Check the lights on your router to identify problem areas. The status lights that you see flashing or static on your modem are there to indicate the status of your connections. Generally, a functioning modem will have lights that stay solid, shining green. If your lights are off or red, this is often a sign of internet access issues. For example, an issue with the Internet light is often a sign of an outage or service disruption.

2. Restart your modem

Although it's a very simple thing to do, restarting your modem (power cycling) refreshes caches and often fixes a number of issues including no connection or slow speeds. Turn it off at the power point, wait for 30 seconds and try again. However, be aware not to press the reset button on your modem. This is different to restarting and you should only reset if instructed to do so by your service provider.

Check your devices:

3. Test and restart your devices

By connecting another device to the internet source, you can narrow down whether the issue is with the specific device you are using. If so, restarting your device should be your very next step. This can fix small technical issues that may arise.
4. Troubleshoot device issues

If the issue is with your device, there are network troubleshooting tools that you can utilise to check technical issues that prevent you from connecting to the internet. Windows devices can run their Network Troubleshoot to identify and fix these issues. This can be found under the network menu on your device. It may be worth having a look through your settings too, to identify anything out of the ordinary that may be causing your Wi-fi internet connection issues.

Check with your service provider:

5. Contact your service provider

Sometimes, there are network outages or added pressure on the network that are out of your control. If you have exhausted your options and cannot find a reason why your Wi-Fi has no internet access, it may be time for you to get in contact with us. Our service team will be able to advise you of any interruptions to internet networks that we are aware of, as well as any further steps that you can take.

If you are a Southern Phone customer experiencing Wi-Fi connection issues, following the steps above may be enough to resolve your internet trouble. Often the problem can be fixed without our help! If you are in need of our help, you can contact our helpline on 13 14 64, or visit our support page here.

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