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9th Jul 2020

Why Won’t My Phone Connect to the Internet?


It can be extremely frustrating when you are having issues connecting your mobile phone to the internet. This is especially true if you have a new mobile device that you are excited to use! 

Your smartphone is now more of a technological powerhouse than ever, with safe and speedy internet access as a required core function. When it does not work, there may be a few parts within the access chain that could be preventing your internet connection from running smoothly. Isolating which part is causing the connection issue can be tricky but will help you to fix your problems with minimal frustration!

If you can access this article using the same internet connection but, on another device, it is possible that the issue is with the device itself. So, we will start there.

Check Your Device’s Internet Settings

Your device may be having issues connecting to the internet due to settings or permissions on the device that need to be changed. 

While all phones are slightly different, they often have similar requirements when it comes to accessing the internet. Regardless of if you are connecting to a wireless connection or a mobile network such as 4G, you will need to check that you have given permission to connect. You can find this in your settings, usually under a ‘Network’ section. Simply turn on both internet connections.

A common mistake is when ‘Flight mode’ is turned on, which by default turns off the ability to connect to the internet, as well disabling texts and calls. Make sure this has not been activated by mistake! Another simple but often effective solution is to restart your phone. Often this will fix small errors that may be causing connection issues within your device.

If these do not solve it, your next step is to check your modem or router.

Check Your Modem

If you are having trouble connecting to a Wi-Fi connection on your mobile phone, it could be because of your modem or router. The flashing lights on the device can tell a story, with the light marked ‘Internet’ showing the status of your connection. If it is red or orange, your Wi-Fi modem is not currently providing a stable internet connection. 

Make sure it is all plugged in properly and restart the device. This is a very simple way to reset the processes inside and can iron out small issues within your device.

Check Internet Coverage in Your Area

When connecting to a mobile network, you may have trouble with outages or breaks in your coverage. This is especially true in rural environments, where 3G and 4G connections vary in their strength.

Check out the Optus 3G/4G coverage map on the Southern Phone website to check the coverage available in your area.

Check for Outages

Occasionally there are internet outages effecting a specific service area, that could arise for several reasons. If you have exhausted the other options within this checklist, you may be having phone internet connection problems as a result of a large-scale outage. 

Visit the interactive Optus 3G/4G network status map available on our website to see if there has been any word of an internet outage in your area.

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