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8th Dec 2020

What is Next Home Phone?


What is Next Home Phone?

Next Home Phone is a product from Southern Phone that allows you to keep your landline service while avoiding the hassle of connecting to an nbn™ plan, or an internet service you are not going to use. As part of the ongoing nbn rollout, many Australians have had to switch to an internet plan to keep their home phone and existing phone number. Our Next Home Phone plan is ideal if you are looking for a simple solution to make calls and stay connected with family and friends.

What is included with Next Home Phone from Southern Phone?

Designed to be simple and affordable, Next Home Phone allows you to keep your home phone and importantly your existing phone number without paying for an additional internet plan. Additionally, we’re also offering customers over 60 years of age up to $10 off on the monthly plan fee!

How do I get connected to Next Home Phone?

Simply sign up and we will send out your Next Home Phone via courier, including everything you need to get started in the box at no additional cost. Once it has arrived, use the video guide below to set up your device and get activated. For more information, speak to one of our friendly team today.

If you decide later down the track to add on an nbn connection, we can easily carry over the remainder of your contract to your new internet plan. 

How much does  Next Home Phone cost?

Looking to get yourself a hassle-free home phone? Next Home Phone is available from Southern Phone on a range of 24-month plans, with no bundling required. Visit the product page to purchase today.

For more information, please read the Critical Information Summary for our Next Home Phone monthly plans here

Next Home Phone is a straightforward answer that means you don’t have to part with the service you are already used to. For more FAQ and information related to the Next Home Phone or other devices, visit our help centre or contact us today.

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