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4th Jun 2019

What Happens to My Security System on the nbn™ network ?


To know if you will be impacted by these changes, you have to know how your current security system operates. Many systems operate using existing phone lines, or the copper network. Because the nbn network is most existing landline networks, such systems will no longer work if they are impacted by the changes.

Why won’t some security systems work?

The nbn network impacts phone and internet technology, including alarm systems. Essentially, here’s why impacted alarm systems won’t work on the nbn network.

While many alarm systems have utilised existing landline networks such as copper, for most people these systems may not be compatible with the nbn network. For example, the system may be unable to communicate with the monitoring centre in the event of an alarm activation.

The following equipment may be incompatible with the nbn network: medical alarms and emergency call buttons, fire alarms and lift emergency phones, and monitored security alarm systems. It’s important to call the equipment provider or manufacturer to check if it will work over the nbn network, or if you will need an alternative solution.

What should I do?

First, be sure to contact your security company prior to moving over to the nbn network. If you do need to make changes, your security company can advise on the best solutions for you. It is imperative to contact the security company, as they will know what products and setups are most suitable for your situation.


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