7th Sep 2018

Want to Stop Your Kids From Playing Fortnite? Here’s How.


If you’re a parent, no doubt you’ve heard of Fortnite. In fact, you’ve probably heard a bit too much about it.

This free online game is incredibly enjoyable, and causing many players to grow ever-so-slightly obsessed. For parents, this level of obsession can lead to some significant concerns. If playing Fortnite is causing your child to perform poorly in school, or leaving them locked away in their bedroom at all hours of the night, it is possible their playing habits are becoming problematic.

You’re definitely not alone, our Kid-Safe Bundle comes with the Family Zone feature, which, for parents of Fortnite addicts, just might be a God-send.

How to block Fortnite with Family Zone

  1. 1. Log into Family Zone either in your browser or the Zone Manager
  2. 2. Navigate to Settings > Controls > Social Networks and Games > Age Profile
  3. 3. Select the relevant age profile.
  4. 4. Under the Fortnite heading, clicking on ‘Play’, ‘School’, ‘Study’ or ‘Sleep will block and unblock Fortnite during those pre-defined periods of time.

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This is the screen you should see when blocking Fortnite in your Family Zone account.


This is the screen you should see when Family Zone's Zone Manager app to block Fortnite.

Goodbye Fortnite obsession. Hello happy, healthy family.

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