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3rd Mar 2020

Understanding Home Wireless Broadband


What is Home Wireless Broadband?

Home wireless broadband is an internet plan available through the 3G and 4G network that is designed to provide you with a simple and quick wireless data plan. There are no installation fees or needless confusion, just plug it in to a power source and you have access to wireless broadband. Available as part of a 24-month plan, home wireless broadband is a perfect option for quick and easy access to high-speed 3G or 4G internet.

Home Wireless Broadband Features

Home wireless broadband internet plans are extremely simple to set up. They do not require any form of wired internet connection like NBN does. This is the difference making wireless broadband so much quicker and easier to set up. The modem is connected wirelessly to the 4G network, meaning it is simply a matter of turning it on. As a result, there are also no fees for installation as this can be done manually in a matter of minutes. Just plug in your modem and you are ready to start using your high-speed internet.

Who Can Use Home Wireless Broadband?

The beauty of a home wireless broadband plan is that they are available to many of those who otherwise would not be able to access a comprehensive internet plan. Anyone with access to the 3G or 4G wireless network can access a home wireless broadband service. This makes it a fantastic, hassle-free option for people that may not have access to a more permanent internet solution.

A perfect example of someone who would benefit from a wireless broadband internet service is a non-permanent renter. The flexibility of a wireless broadband plan is perfect, as a change of address does not necessarily affect your access to the internet.

Regional areas of Australia are also often suited to home wireless broadband. It is not uncommon for regional areas to have gaps in telecommunications infrastructure. But, as the availability of the 3G & 4G network grows, more regional areas of Australia will now have the option of a home wireless broadband plan.

Don’t want to upgrade to NBN? A wireless broadband plan is a viable alternative to NBN service. As NBN rolls out Australia-wide, the older phone and internet networks will be shut off. This could potentially pose an issue for those not interested in upgrading to NBN, making a wireless broadband plan a way to continue using internet without going through with the NBN installation process.

How Fast is Home Wireless Broadband?

4G internet offers high speed internet, with the strength of the network in your area being one of the deciding factors in just how fast it gets. However, it is not uncommon for home wireless broadband speeds to reach 30-40mbps download speeds.

Home Wireless Broadband from Southern Phone

The home wireless broadband service offered by Southern Phone includes a Wi-Fi modem and can allow for up to 500GB of data use as monthly standard. This 24-month plan works perfectly as an option for non-permanent tenants, regional residents or people without access to a traditionally connected internet service.

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