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13th Jan 2021

The Nine Best and Free Android Fitness Apps for 2021


It is the first month of the New Year and if you are anything like the millions of Australians on New Year’s Eve, getting fit and healthy has been one of your 2021 resolutions. But with COVID-19 now part of our daily lives, the motivation to start being active might not be as strong as the previous years. Luckily, that has not stopped the fit-tech (fitness technology world) from looking for new ways to motivate us.

With many of us forced to retreat indoors for most of last year, workout apps catering to this environment were one of the biggest winners of the lockdown period. In fact, app monitoring site, Apptopia found that mobile apps offering video-guided components took out the top spot for the health and wellness category receiving 65% more downloads and nearly 40% more daily active users than those without a video element.

With that, we have rounded up the top nine- guided home fitness apps on the market this year. Each one is easy to follow and most can be used without any equipment. Additionally, each app is ideal for all fitness levels including seniors and families with children so there is no excuse not to hit those fitness goals.

Best of all, they are all FREE for you to download today!

Fitness apps for training inside

When staying indoors is the only option, these apps will give you all you need to put some activity into your daily routine.


This AI-powered app comes with structured plans for over 40+ sports including running, swimming, football, basketball, tennis, and cycling. Download Here


8fit is both a personal trainer and a nutrition planner. Simple answer a few questions about your present fitness level and goals, and the app will design a customised plan to get you there. There is no need to worry about buying equipment either as all the workouts can be completed at home. Download Here


Freeletics provides relatively short bodyweight and high-intensity workouts that can be tailored to individual muscle groups. Define your own goals and workout when convenient for you with step-by-step video and audio instructions. A free Freeletics membership also gives you access to a free online community with additional resources and virtual content. Download Here

Fitness apps for getting outdoors

Nothing beats the feeling of exercising outdoors, so if you are able to get outside for a workout, here are some exciting ways to mix things up.


All Trails is as easy as getting outside and going for a walk, ride or hike. All you need is a GPS signal and the app can direct you through hundreds of trails set to your fitness and experience level. Download Here

C2K 5K Trainer

C2K 5K is a running app designed specifically for beginners that requires just half an hour per day to start seeing results. Start slow and gradually build up the intensity to a comfortable level of fitness. Download Here

Charity Miles

If you’re looking for a bit more motivation than just health, the Charity Miles fitness tracker app is a great reason to get off the couch and get active. With every moving mile tracked through the app, it will donate to a chosen charity through one of its corporate partners – including the likes of Humana, Johnson & Johnson and Chobani. Download Here

Fitness apps for mindfulness

Staying indoors or isolating can come with its own set of non-physical challenges. To keep you mentally fit and healthy try some of the following apps.


This is of the most popular mindfulness apps to come on the app store in the past year and is purpose developed to aid users in experiencing better sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety. With the Calm app,  can take your choice of guided exercises, sleep story, breathing class or many other features professionally recommended by psychologists and mental health professionals. Download Here

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga For Beginners is exactly just that, a free yoga workout app to get you started on your inner health journey. With soothing voice guidance, meditations and stretching exercises open to all fitness abilities, especially if you’re not into fast-paced activity. It’s no wonder this is one of the top-rated apps in the mindfulness space! Download Here


Headspace is developed purely to teach you the skills needed for meditation by setting aside just a few minutes a day.  With its free Basic features, you can learn the essentials to de-stressing and improving focus. To support users affected by COVID-19, the app also offers free, short courses in helping you find purpose and gain confidence again. Download Here

If you are experiencing issues downloading apps, check out our help centre article here.

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