27th Aug 2018

The Best iPhone Gimbals


Gone are the days when DSLRs were the #1 cameras on the market. For professionals, there are certainly features of a DSLR that go beyond the basics. But for the average user (and even many professionals), smartphone cameras can perform just as well.

Because of this, users have taken to adapting DSLR accessories for their smartphones. Gimbals, for instance. These devices are used to keep your camera steady while capturing photos and video. Unlike the more stationary tripod, a gimbal allows a user to create even, steady hand-held shots, which is great when filming on the go. For the excellent iPhone, gimbals can be a terrific addition to your photographic or videographic arsenal. Need some guidance on finding the best solution for your gimbal needs? We’ve searched around to bring you the top 8 iPhone gimbals currently available.

1. Zhiyun Smooth 3 Smartphone Gimbal

This gimbal boasts a lot of great features for your filming demands. Perhaps most striking is its battery power: 14 hours of continuous runtime. And during your day of nonstop filming, what can you expect from the Zhiyun Smooth 3? The gimbal offers smooth, balanced filming on quiet motors. Use the control panel handwheel to precisely change various camera settings, such as shutter speed, ISO, and white balance. The gimbal will fit an iPhone as well as other models of smartphone, and you can seamlessly switch the mounting direction using its special 2-way clamp design. This gimbal can be easily mounted on a tripod as well, making it a multipurpose gimbal that any photographer/videographer will love.

2. The Ikan Fly-X3-PLUS

Unlike some other gimbals, the Ikan Fly-X3-PLUS is not meant for panning and tilting. Instead, the gimbal has a 6-axis inertial measurement chip (which helps anticipate the user’s movements) and three-axis accelerometer, which work together to create a ‘Gesture Control System.’ This allows users to maintain steady shooting for handheld footage. Two brackets allow for insertion of an iPhone as well as other models of smartphone. You may need to use the included counterweights to balance the gimbal when using it with a heavier handset. A 3-hour battery life plus ease of use make this a definite smart addition to this list.

3. DJI Osmo KMobile

On any list of best smartphone gimbals, you’re likely to see the DJI Osmo Mobile. This is a favourite of many photographers and videographers, because it is simple to use, performs well, and comes at a reasonable price.

With 3-axis stabilisation and brushless motors, the Osmo keeps your smartphone in place. It’s straightforward to use, connecting via Bluetooth. You can use the joystick for functions such as panning, focus, long exposure, and more. When used in tandem with the DJI Go app, you can execute features such as time-lapse, to help you create some of the coolest videos yet. Filming some vlogs? The Osmo utilises Active Track technology, so the camera continues to stay focused on you even as you move.

4 hours of battery life are to be expected with the Osmo, and the gimbal can be easily recharged via an AUX cable.

4. Feiyu Tech G4 Pro

The Feiyu Tech G4 Pro is an iPhone gimbal that retails at an impressively low price. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get the job done. There are 5 usage modes on the G4 Pro, which you can switch between using the LED button on the handle. These modes---Pan Following, Tilt and Pan Following, All Axis Lock, Inverted, and Standby---give you the variety you need to create exceptional video and photo content. Want to use the gimbal with a tripod? There’s a built-in tripod mount so you’re ready to go.

This lightweight gimbal is meant to be used one-handed, and your iPhone will attach easily and securely. The 4-way joystick enables precise adjustments, and allows for 360-degree seamless rotation. With its 2 rechargeable 900mAh batteries, you’ll have ample battery life to get your filming complete.

5. LanParte HHG-01

Here’s a high-quality gimbal enabling you to film stable, natural-looking shots with your iPhone or with your GoPro. The motorised, three-axis gimbal allows your device to pan and tilt with your wrist, while still maintaining a level horizon and minimising shakes or movement.

Your iPhone (or other smartphone) fits into the LanParte HHG01 via two adjustable mounting clamps as well as two counterweights to create the perfect balance. Battery life lasts approximately 3 hours with this gimbal; check the LED battery indicator to see when you need to recharge. The gimbal charges using a standard DC port.

6. Zhiyun Smooth 4

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 is a 3-Axis gimbal that is much loved by videographers. with This gimbal has powerful, upgraded brushless motors, and combined with 240° of tilt and rol, users can find greater versatility and reliability in movement.

The Smooth 4 will hold your iPhone as well as other smartphones up to 210g in weight. This includes many of the larger devices on the market.

Accessing the features is incredibly easy. The side of the equipment boasts a follow focus knob, so you can change focus smoothly and beautifully. An intuitive control panel allows you to move through your menu options and make near-instant shifts---perfect for those last-minute changes when making a video. There are a large range of filming possibilities, with settings for Slow Motion, Freestyle Time Lapse, Motionlapse, Timelapse, and Hyperlapse, as well as the ability to create smooth scene transitions while in PhoneGo Mode.

12-hour battery life rounds out the great features of this gimbal.

7. Feiyu Vimble C Gimbal

The Feiyu Vimble C is a budget-friendly gimbal that delivers professional-level video and photo captures. Compact and light, the Vimble C boasts 3-axis stabilisation, brushless motors, plus 320° pan, tilt, and roll rotation to create stunning panoramas.

This is a favourite gimbal of vloggers and YouTubers. The in-built Portrait mode makes it easy to create engaging vlogs or to stream live on your preferred social media platform. With 5 hours of battery life, you can record on the go and recharge as necessary.

It’s a great option for filming when out and about, as it is not only lightweight but has an ergonomic handle that feels comfortable to use. With its 4-way joystick and control panel, you can use the Feiyu Vimble C with just one-hand.

Get more creative with a variety of filming modes (such as Time Lapse) and integrate with the Feiyu ON app to have ultimate camera control.

8. EVO Shift 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

If battery life is important to you, you may like the EVO Shift 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal, which provides up to 10 hours of filming time. It has a built-in charger, so recharging is simple, and there’s even a smartphone charging port incorporated, so you can charge up your smartphone as well.

This gimbal works with iPhones as well as other handsets to bring smooth stability to your shooting. You can use several modes to control which axes are active at a given time. Additional exciting features include Perfect Panoramas (intelligent control enables flawless 180° & 330° panoramas), Object Tracking (track objects such as your own face using the Smart-Track feature), and the always impressive Time-Lapse.

As with other gimbals on this list, you can download and instal an accompanying mobile app, granting you even greater capabilities with the equipment. It can hold handsets up to 220g as well as a GoPro.

A Few Notes About Gimbal Shopping

There are many considerations for consumers looking to purchase a gimbal. From weight of the equipment to stabilisation, battery life, and even price, there’s much to think about. But most of all, it’s important to be sure you choose a gimbal that is designed to work with your smartphone. Always be sure to double check the gimbal’s compatibility with your operating system to make sure you’re choosing an option that not only works well, but works at all.

Spend time learning about your equipment as well. Many videography experts will attest that learning how to best use your gimbal can maximise the quality of the final product. It also helps to save battery life if you have your handset properly balanced on the gimbal, as the mechanisms are not constantly working to maintain stability and balance.

Do you have a favourite iPhone gimbal you use?

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