18th May 2021

The All-New A Series


If you are searching for the latest smartphone technology, with all the bells and whistles, you should explore the latest flagship model by Samsung. However, for the consumer that wants just the right amount of innovative technology and enough features to stay up to date with loved ones on social media; the Samsung Galaxy A Series might just have answered your wishes. 

The Galaxy A Series is all about targeting the middle. While this is commonly associated with the word “average”; an average price, for an average product, with average features for an average experience, the A series by Samsung breaks this mould and offers something fresh for users.



The Galaxy A series is currently the most affordable handsets offered by Samsung to Australians. They sit between the budget M Series and its flagship S Series. The first numeral after the letter represents the specific model and as the number increases, so does the price and the features on offer.

The latest Samsung phones for 2021 consists of three models the A32, A52 and A72. Each phone contains significant improvements from the previous generation of the Galaxy A Series including:

                 - Upgrades in camera and image quality

                 - Increase in external storage capacity, almost double the previous generation


The Galaxy A32 is the next generation advancement from the A31. Like its predecessor, the A32 exhibits many of the same tried and tested features that have been upgraded. These include the same 6.4-inch display, a minimum of 128GB of internal storage, a quad-rear camera with sensor upgrades and the same 5,000mAh battery.

However, it is also packaged with some premium features from the flagship line up including a 90Hz refresh rate.


The Galaxy A52 targets the mid-range market with all the features that you could need from a smartphone at a very reasonable price.

Taking design and feature inspiration from the previous A51, Samsung can keep costs low, allowing them to include some premium features from the Samsung S Series range.


The Galaxy A72 is the top of the line for all three phones. While it does not have 5G network capabilities it does represent a premium smartphone at a budget price point. The A72 is the successor to the Samsung Galaxy A71 and is almost identical in design with its large 6.7-inch display and moulded camera housing, now with optical zoom capabilities.

Even without the high-flying prestige of the likes of the Galaxy S21, but it is a whole lot cheaper and still has an impressive arsenal of tech. You can read our full review of the S21 here.


Display & Design

Some of the biggest differences between the three models are in the display and design features of the range. The phones increase in size when moving up the range, the A32 has a 6.4-inch screen, the A52 has a 6.5-inch screen and the A72 has an enormous 6.7-inch screen. Watching movies on your phone will not be an issue when upgrading to any one of these models!

The entire range shares several sleek and simple design features like their predecessors that stay true to Samsung mobile phone design. These handsets are available in a range of colours that rightfully label them as more 'Awesome' than ‘average’. 

All screens are Super AMOLED displays, however, only the A52 comes with the premium 120Hz refresh rate, usually reserved for the flagship line-up. Both the Galaxy A32 and A72 models settle instead for a 90Hz refresh rate which is still a premium feature and well above the average mid-range smartphone on the market today. 

With all this design goodness one area of the range's design has suffered. This also happens to be one of the most notable features that scream mid-range technology: the large black bezels framing the screen. Although somewhat of a design flaw the trade-off is well for the tremendous benefits of the Samsung A Series’ internal technological capabilities. 



Although at the mid-level smartphone range, the Samsung A series comes with some fantastic camera capabilities for the price. All three models have four rear cameras and one front-facing camera for as many selfies as you can dream up. The four rear camera sensors include a main, ultra-wide, depth and macro camera.

For a full comparison of megapixels and sizes refer to the comparison table below.

Additionally, the A52 and A72 models also come with built-in Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) features. This allows these phones to capture crisp images when on the move or if you find it difficult to keep things steady. 

If you are looking to get up close and personal with image details the A32 is limited to 2x digital zoom, while the A52 provides up to 10x. This is eclipsed by the A72’s joint 30x digital and 3x optical zoom function, made possible by replacing the depth camera with a telephoto sensor. The A52 does not provide any optical zoom capabilities

Considering the budget price tag of the entire A series, these cameras produce outstanding images. The images captured have a great dynamic range, with crisp and correctly saturated colours. Moreover, the A series’ features help maintain the perfect noise level in almost all lighting conditions. All in all, the new A series is the perfect happy snapper for family get-togethers and social media uploads. 



All A series phones come with a minimum 128GB of storage and 4GB RAM, this increases as you move up the model range. All A series phones come standard with an additional 1TB of external storage accessed by an SD card slot.



The battery performance of the A series range is very comparable. All models can last a full day of heavy usage and can be charged within two hours when using the fast charger provided in the box. The A series range has been recorded to last a total of two days before your battery is depleted. As mentioned, all models support fast charging but if you are in the market for wireless charging you will need to seek out a smartphone from the Z or S Series range by Samsung, another suffering due to the affordability of the range.

Battery sizes are different between the models. The A52 has a slightly smaller size at 4,500mAH instead of 5,00mAH, this is attributed to additional features including increased refresh rate and 5G network possibilities. 



The Samsung brand is often associated with the flagship Samsung S series range which provides incredible features at an incredible price tag to match. Comparatively, the A series range treads its own path, by providing great technology in a competitive smartphone that is competitively priced. The latest A32, A52 and A72 demonstrate Samsung’s focus on providing Australians with quality smartphones ready to take on a new generation of connecting.

If you are interested in learning more about the latest Samsung phones and plans offered by Southern Phone, please explore our mobile phone range offerings or contact us today.  

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