18th Nov 2020

Swissvoice C50s Review


Keeping in touch with loved ones is more important now than ever, hence the concept behind the Swissvoice C50s makes it the ideal product for an older demographic. By incorporating stylish modern feels with the capabilities of a home phone, it can appeal to seniors in its target market while giving peace of mind to their families and caregivers.  


Camera: Like most smartphones today, the Swissvoice C50s features an 8MP main camera and smaller front-facing camera. This is picture-perfect for everything from video calling to taking happy snaps on the go.

The home phone style charging cradle makes keep the handset always topped up with enough power for use. The phone itself requires a rechargeable battery pack (included) to be inserted before it is ready for use. 

Storage: The Swissvoice C50s comes with 8GB of flash memory on the phone. However, to expand its internal storage capacity, simply insert a microSD memory card (maximum capacity of 32GB) and you are ready to keep capturing precious life moments, without worrying about running out of storage. 

Display: In-line with modern mobile phones, the C50’s 5” touchscreen comes in a bright colour display that doesn't skimp out on quality.

Key Features

The C50s from Swissvoice is a purpose-created device with a specific end-user in mind. As a result, many of its key features have been designed for high day-to-day functionality.

This starts with the on-screen menu, which has been incredibly simplified with large icons for easy navigation. The key functionalities you can expect – calling, messaging, and the photo library (for good measure) – are all prioritised with easy to read icons. In addition to this, making phone calls has been enhanced with a telephoto feature that can automatically display key contact photos with names. 

The speaker volume level has also been boosted to 35dB, making it both easier to communicate and compliment it’s M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility. The home base itself, additionally doubles as speaker with sound capable of reaching 80dB.

The C50s is also big on safety features catering to an older demographic. On the back of each handset is a built-in mobile SOS button that can alert multiple emergency contacts at once. It also comes with GPS technology for quickly locating missing persons and an easy-to-access torch when it counts. 

But’s despite all the serious talk, the C50s still packs some seriously fun capabilities including internet browsing, downloadable apps, and radio access, just to name a few.


You can stay in touch with the Swissvoice C50s Seniors Mobile from Southern Phone, starting at $36.50 a month on a 24-month plan (including the SIM plan and handset cost). Otherwise, the phone can be purchased outright when bundled with a SIM plan.

If you are after a handset that is big on practicality without missing out on the great benefits of a smartphone, the Swissvoice C50s should be right up your alley!

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