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29th Apr 2021

Samsung S21 Review


Samsung Galaxy S21 Review: Price, Features and Specifications

Samsung has now released its newest Galaxy S series model, the Samsung Galaxy S21. This model offers a stripped back version of the Galaxy S20 for a better price point, but it comes with some impressive new features that any budding influencer or photographer will appreciate.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 doesn’t aim to position itself at the top of the line, with that mantle already taken up by its two big brothers, the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Plus. However, the Galaxy S21 is a practical and easily handled version of these larger and more expensive variants. It boasts many of the same key features, with just a slightly less powerful camera in comparison to the Ultra.

Wondering if the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the right phone for you? Read on for more information.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Specifications

Looking at the Galaxy S21’s technical specifications provides a clear picture as to why it is a better value for money.

Camera: The Samsung Galaxy S21 comes equipped with the same seriously impressive camera setup in both the front and rear cameras as the previous S20 model. The three rear cameras include a 12MP wide-angle lens, 64MP telephoto lens and a 12MP ultrawide lens, allowing you to play around with some seriously dynamic photography styles and techniques. The front camera also boasts an impressive 10MP lens. The cameras have 30x zoom capabilities and can record video in 8K resolution at 24fps.

Storage: The Galaxy S21 provides the same standard storage capacity as the Galaxy S20 with 128GB, and the option to upgrade to 256GB. 128GB will give you between 18,000-36,000 photos or 12-20 hours of video content depending on the resolution in which you choose. If you opt for the 256GB, you will get double the capacity of the 128GB, perfect for those interested in pushing the limits of the S21’s camera and display capabilities.

Battery: The Samsung Galaxy S21 outperforms the older S20 model with its software and chipset improvements that pack more speed, power and intelligence for better function and battery performance. Unlike the S20 model, the S21 does not include the charger as part of the phone package, instead is sold separately. The battery offered is 4,000mAh, providing you with a full day of heavy usage. Like the S20, the S21 has a 25W fast-charging wall charger that can charge your phone from 0 to 50% in approximately 30 minutes. The S21 also features wireless charging that can replenish the battery in an hour or two.

Display and Design: The Samsung Galaxy S21 has the same 6.2” display and high 120Hz refresh rate as the S20, with a small downgrade from Quad HD (1440p) to Full HD (1080p), which still offers great looking videos. The 120Hz refresh rate continues to allow that smooth scrolling and animation. The S21 has been built with Samsung’s toughest glass, Gorilla Glass, which is designed to scratch less providing ground-breaking protection for those “oh no!” moments. Feel rest assured your device can also withstand dust, dirt, sand, and water splashes, with an international standard rating of IP68.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Key Features 

The Galaxy S21 has a distinct focus on quality and affordability, making it a popular choice for budding photographers - it’s a total frame-changer! Watch in amazement with cinema-quality filming and photos. With built-in AI, turn one recorded take into multiple feed-worthy photos and videos, making the S21 like your personal video editor and content creator.

Share only what you want with S21’s Knox security platform, delivering you a high level of protection from data and apps that ask for your personal information as well as keeping your biometric data safe.

Equipped with 5G capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy S21 offers the most modern and powerful wireless network available providing a greater voice quality experience than 4G. As this new technology begins to roll out, you might find the 5G network coverage may vary depending on your area of use. When in a non-5G coverage area, the phone will automatically switch to our 4GX/4G or 3G networks.

Samsung Galaxy S21 has a few colour options from which to choose. Southern Phone offers a couple of these different colours to enjoy a personalised purchase. Select from Phantom Violet and Phantom Grey. Both colours offer a sleek and high-end look.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is a hugely accessible flagship device, with some fantastic features at a relatively affordable price point.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Pricing

While the pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S21 is still rather significant, it is significantly more affordable than the more advanced smartphones within the Galaxy S21 series. The smartphone comes packed with modern features, and at the very affordable minimum price point of $58 a month on a Southern Phone plan.

Alternatively, you could buy the phone outright for $ 1,390. For more information about the phone plans for the Galaxy and other phone available from Southern Phone, click here.

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