7th Apr 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 Review


Samsung Galaxy S20 Review: Price, Features and Specifications  

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is one of the more impressive flagship models that Samsung has released for the year of 2020. Among some of the highly anticipated features that the Galaxy S20 comes equipped with are high-quality cameras, 5G capabilities, a long-lasting battery, and a seriously impressive display.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is not necessarily the top of its line, with that mantle being taken up by the two big brothers of this handset, the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S20 Plus. However, the Galaxy S20 is a practical and easily handled version of these larger and more expensive variants. It boasts many of the same key features, with just slightly less standard storage and a slightly less powerful camera in comparison to the Ultra.

Wondering if the Samsung Galaxy S20 is the right phone for you? Read on for more information.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Specifications  

Looking at the technical specifications gives a clear picture as to why the Galaxy S20 is regarded so highly. 

Camera: The Samsung Galaxy S20 comes equipped with a seriously impressive camera setup in both the front and rear cameras. The three rear cameras include a 12MP wide angle lens, 64MP telephoto lens and a 12MP ultrawide lens, allowing you to play around with some seriously dynamic photography styles and techniques. The front camera also boasts an impressive 10MP lens. The cameras have 30x zoom capabilities and can record video in 8K resolution at 24fps.

Storage: The Galaxy S20 has 128GB of storage as standard, with the option to upgrade with an additional 1TB of storage space.

Battery: Samsung are well-known for their battery performance, and the S20 is no exception. The battery is 4,000mAh, providing you with a full day of heavy usage. They also have fast-charging and wireless charging features as standard.

Display: The Samsung Galaxy S20 has a 6.2” display, with Full HD+ capabilities. The 120Hz refresh rate also allows for smooth scrolling and animations, alongside a very minimally sized bezel which houses the front camera and screen edges.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Key Features  

The Galaxy S20 has a distinct focus on camera performance, making it a popular choice for budding photographers.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is one the first flagship devices with 5G capabilities as standard. 5G availability will however vary depending on your area of use. If it’s unavailable, the S20 is offered in a 4G variant in Australia.

The phone is also designed to be very sleek and streamlined and is not oversized such as is the case with some other more powerful phones. The Galaxy S20 squeezes its numerous features into a stylish and comfortable housing that looks the part as a high-end smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a hugely accessible flagship device, with some fantastic features at a relatively affordable price point.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Pricing

While the pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S20 is still rather significant, it is significantly more affordable than the more advanced smartphones within the Galaxy S20 series. The smartphone comes packed with modern features, and at the very affordable minimum price point of $79 a month on a Southern Phone plan. Alternatively, you could buy the phone outright for $1,495. For more information about the phone plans on offer from Southern Phone, visit the Samsung Galaxy S20 product page here.

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