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12th Mar 2020

International Women's Day 2020


Sunday the 8th of March marked International Women's Day which recognises the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. As an employer committed to driving gender equality, both within and outside the workplace, Southern Phone, celebrated this important day, by asking our team to tell us about the women who inspire them the most.


"When I think to myself who inspired me, I keep coming back to one person; my daughter. She is the one person who inspires me every day. The person who inspires me to set a great example and do what I can to improve women’s rights in this country and the world. Setting an example for her and the other young girls growing up in this day, is what I inspire to do every day. We all need to set examples every day and remember that the children of today are the women of tomorrow."


"I have no one more inspirational than my mum. Raising twin daughters by herself, she taught us everything. How to try and see things from other people’s perspectives, how to see a glass as half full rather than empty, how to appreciate the life we have, no matter what, and how you have to work hard to get the things you want. Mum is someone who sets an example by her actions and has worked hard to give us everything we need. She has always put herself second to us and her selflessness is something I will always respect. I feel so lucky to have someone in my life who has set such a good example of what it takes to be an amazing woman and mother."


"My mum was definitely my inspiration, a single mother of two for most of my childhood. Growing up, I never felt I missed out on anything. It wasn't until I was an adult did I really understand how hard she had to work just to get food on the table every night, let alone help with homework, take us to sport, friends, and everything else that came along. And then I had kids myself and now I can appreciate how lucky myself and my sister were growing up."

International Womens Day Group Photo


"I grew up watching Hannah Montana. Growing up can be hard, but Miley Cyrus was relatable to a young teenage me and helped me navigate through the awkward years by allowing me to feel relatable to someone (even if it was a fictional character). There are the obvious reasons why Miley inspired me as a teenager, she nursed me through my first heartbreaks, she was fun to watch, and she was my role model. But it was more than that, she sang about important issues too. Her songs talked about globally important issues like looking after the environment and global warming, essentially singing out to the world that we all need to do our part and wake up a bit and change what we are doing. Miley has her own foundation, the Happy Hippy Foundation, she focuses on youth homelessness, particularly among LGBTQI youths. She fights for change, she fights for equal rights, she fights for global issues, she fights for a better world. Women empower other women, we should be helping each other to rise and hold each other up when we need to. Miley does this, and for this reason, she is my inspiration."


"My inspiration is my mother. She never moved mountains, flew in a plane or holidayed on a cruise. She was a dedicated 24/7 mother who sacrificed a lot in her life for her family. However, born in 1922, I guess this was the norm. At the age of 72 before the Alzheimer’s and dementia took hold, she sat me down and said, “Do whatever you want in your life Linda and don’t let anyone hold you back”. These words definitely sunk in. One fantastic job later. Beautiful holidays when needed and not to mention a beautiful family. Thank you, Mum, you ignited a spark all those years ago."

International Womens Day Group Photo

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