3rd Aug 2022

How to Make A Smart Home


Is a smart home really smarter?

It may sound like something of science fiction, but devices and appliances enhancing the home is now a reality. Australian households are becoming ‘smarter’ every year, but is a smart home worth it?


What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home is made up of apps and devices that automate and connect your home. Think asking Siri to turn the lights off before bed or checking your front door camera while at work. Already, over 2.3 million Australian households have smart technology, with entry-level products like smart speakers and light bulbs being economical and convenient.


Why Create a Smart Home?

There are many benefits of having a smart home:



We’ve all been there - “did I turn the iron off”? With a few smart plugs around the house, you can remotely switch off any appliance while you’re out and about.

Energy Efficient

The ability to switch things off remotely can even minimise your electricity bill, as you can ensure your lights or any appliances are switched off when unused.


Whether it’s getting the coffee machine brewing while you’re lying in bed, or playing your favourite music throughout the house, a smart home enables a comfortable life.

Home Security

Home security technology in a smart home can be a game-changer. Pair a smart camera and lock at your front door to monitor who’s outside and even let them in without getting up.


Smart home technology can be automated and customised with no limits. Enjoy a custom lighting theme in the living room when your footy team plays, or automate your shades to be drawn at a certain time each day. The skies are the limit when it comes to streamlining your home to your liking.


What Devices Do I Need For a Smart Home?


Before you start purchasing smart speakers and other devices, you’ll need two essentials:

1.    A smart phone (iOS or Android) to control smart devices.

2.    A stable Wi-Fi connection to allow your home to stay connected.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by where to start with making a smart home, the easiest way to start is by picking a virtual assistant. The likes of Apple, Google, and Amazon all offer their own virtual assistants (e.g. Siri), so depending on your mobile phone this can be an easy entry point into the smart home world.


How Much Does A Smart Home Cost?

The price of a smart home is entirely up to you. Starting a smart home is relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, real tech-heads can go all out in making their home as ‘smart’ as possible. Here are some smart home costs depending on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go:


Entry-Level Smart Home ($100-$200)

Pair a smart speaker with some smart plugs and light bulbs to dip your toe in the smart home world.


Mid-Range Smart Home ($300-$1000)

Beyond an entry-level configuration is where smart homes earn their namesake. Whether it’s kitting out the whole house with smart lighting or staying secure with a smart lock, spending up to $1000 will truly allow you to enjoy the benefits of a smart home and a fully automated home life.


Advanced Smart Home ($1000+)

As expected, you can go all out with a smart home. Upwards of thousands of dollars can be spent on smart devices, you name an appliance and there will be a smart version of it.


How To Protect Your Privacy With A Smart Home

While a smart home can make life easier, having your home connected to the internet can increase the risk of an unwanted cyber attack.

Be sure to follow these measures to protect the privacy of your smart home:

  • Change your default username and passwords (e.g. admin) to something personal and not easily guessed by a potential hacker.
  • Avoid accessing your smart home through public Wi-Fi, which increases your risk of being hacked by a stranger in public.
  • Check app permissions, as you can turn off specific features like tracking location data if you don’t need them.
  • If you get rid of a device, be sure to unlink it from your smart home so a hacker can’t use it to access your network in the future. 

Get Started With Creating Your Smart Home Today

A smart home has the power to enhance your home and ease your daily life.If you’re looking for a reliable smartphone or broadband connection to help kickstart your smart home, browse our range of devices and plans today at Southern Phone.


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