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19th Apr 2021

Four Alternatives to AirPods


Apple’s AirPods may be the first thing to come to mind when thinking about wireless earbuds, but despite the hype, they weren’t even the first of their kind to break into the market. The first truly wireless headphone was released by a Japanese electronics company called Onkyo, and Samsung released a wireless design before Apple as well.

As well as not being the first, Apple signature wireless headphones are not the only option available when it comes to tangle-free listening. There are several alternatives to AirPods on the market, so we thought we would break some of them down for you.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are the best option for those who own a Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone and are among the best options for Android users. They are a great option for everyday listeners who want something easy and straightforward to use that is complemented by a stylish design. They are also popular amongst gym goers thanks to their sleek and secure shape as well as their IPX7 rating for sweat resistance.

They also offer many premium features including active noise cancelling, ambient sounds, touch controls, and EQ profiles all run by the Galaxy Wearable app. The app also allows you to turn on automatic voice detection and seamless earbud connection, meaning they can easily swap between different audio sources.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are also the first to introduce 360 Audio allowing for spatial sound that creates a virtual surround sound environment with head tracking for media consumption.

These retail for around A$349.00 and are a great premium alternative to Apple while offering many of the same features.

Nokia True Wireless Earbuds

The Nokia True Wireless Earbuds are also a worthy contender to the AirPods, allowing for non-iPhone compatibility. This model offers a more basic, no-frills headphone option and are essentially just headphones without the wires. They also provide a more simplified connect and use process, making them perfect for customers who just need something to get the job done without being caught up in any technical complexities.

They are praised for their extra sleek and light design, only weighing 5 grams per earbud while still allowing for up to 3.5 hours of playback or 4 hours of talk time.

The Nokia wireless headphone product delivers functionality inside a lightweight set of earbuds with respectable sound output. Their major selling point is the supply of cable-free headphones with an incredibly reasonable price tag, usually retailing for around A$75.00.


Google Pixel Buds

The Google Pixel Buds may be the most similar alternative to their Apple counterpart, with both Apple and Google holding similar values of simple elegance and user experience. This means they are a great option for users who wish for a similar experience but are needing more diverse phone compatibility.

One of the great features is easy voice access to Google Assistant alongside the ability to use Google Translate right from the earbuds, making language barriers much easier to overcome. Battery life is also more impressive than many of its competitors, boasting just over 6 hours of listening on just a single charge.

They are a great model for Android users but don’t offer the same active noise cancelling functionality as the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. They do however come at a slightly lower price point, retailing for around A$279.00.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds                                                   

The Microsoft Surface Earbuds are designed to work best with Android and Windows operating systems. When you connect this model to a Windows 10 device it allows you to benefit from Microsoft 365 integration and Swift Pair. They also offer an entirely different and unique look for the wearer with their disc-shaped, open-fit design.

Their circular panels make for easy-to-use functionality with the ability to apply a handful of taps and swipes with great accuracy even on imprecise touches. While their different design doesn’t seal to the ear, the Microsoft Surface Earbuds still manage to be extremely comfortable and sit securely. Microsoft’s wireless headphones also offer more durability than the AirPods, meriting an IPX4 rating. They come at a reasonably high price point of approximately A$319.95.



There are many viable alternatives available on the true wireless market, meaning you don’t need to buy into the Apple ecosystem to have a streamlined listening experience. So, before your next wireless earbud purchase, consider one of the many alternatives to AirPods for an equally pleasant listening experience, or save money on one of the more affordable solutions. Looking for more Apple alternatives, check out our mobile phone reviews or contact us today to find out more

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