21st Apr 2020

Experiencing slow internet?


Slow Internet? Here Are Some Things You Can Do!

If you are having issues with your internet speed, there are some simple things that you can do to alleviate some of the pressure on your connection. But first, we will run through some of the common reasons for slow internet speeds.

Restart your Internet Equipment

As with many other technical issues, often a power cycle will be enough to fix any issues that may have arisen. Putting your modem through a power cycle is enough to refresh the cache and fix a range of minor bugs that can cause slow internet speeds. Turn off your modem, wait 15 seconds and then turn it back on. Simple as that!

Avoid Overloading Your Connection

Put simply, if you picture your internet as a fixed supply then it is easy to see how a higher number of connected devices will cause the supply to run low. This is a very common cause of slow internet speeds, as there is not enough of this ‘supply’ for all users. Some of the worst culprits for slowing internet speed include high-definition video streaming services such as • Netflix/Stan/Amazon Prime/Disney Plus • YouTube• Foxtel• Free to air video streaming such as 10 Play, iView, SBS on Demand Alongside online videogames, they take up a considerable amount of your internet supply, sometimes causing frustrating buffering and slow loading speeds.Alleviating some of that pressure can prove to be the solution to your slow internet connection. Take account of all the devices currently connected to your internet and shut off or disconnect the ones that are not necessary at present. 

Avoid ‘Peak Hour’ for Internet Use 

When looked at in a broader sense, this same supply analogy can be applied to the internet provided to all your ISP’s customers. Everyone is hooked up to the same source after all! This means that when daily internet use is at its highest level, you can expect typically slower loading speeds. You may find that it helps to avoid ‘peak hour’ for internet use as a result. Typically, the hours between 7pm – 11pm are the busiest for Australian internet use, as the country settles in for a night of streaming, gaming, browsing and more. If you are planning to start a big download or another internet-heavy task, plan around this accordingly!

Run Internet Speed Tests

By running some internet speed tests, you can gauge how well your internet is performing on your current device. If after trying the above methods your internet speed does not improve, there may be issues further up the line that are affecting the speed of your internet connection. Run your internet speed test here, and save the result ID that's in the URL (for example speedtest.net/result/939312730XXX) from three tests at different times of the day. By providing this information to your internet provider, they can advise you on any further steps that you can take. 


If you are a customer of Southern Phone currently experiencing slow internet, we advise that you try the above steps before contacting one of our friendly customer service team members. Looking for more information? Call us on 13 14 64, or contact us for online support.

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