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19th Dec 2018

Best Tech Gifts Under $50 for Christmas 2018


Christmas is just around the corner this year. Have you finished shopping for gifts?

If you’ve got a tech-lover in your life---you know, the type of person who can’t wait to try out the latest gadgets or who likes any tool that does something “cool”---then this is the perfect list to help you out. The items below are not only ideal for those who are tech-savvy and gadget-crazy, but they don’t come with a hefty price tag, either.

All the gifts in this list are available for $50AUD or less.

Ready to get shopping? Read on.

A wireless mobile charger

Wireless chargers aren’t new anymore, but they are still a pretty impressive invention. Chances are everyone on your Christmas list has a mobile phone, so it’s very likely he or she would love a wireless charger. This option from Xiaomi is affordable, allows users to charge their phone without having to remove the case, and has an LED indicator to let you know that your device is charging.

Give the gift of wire-free charging

A portable speaker for blasting tunes

Whether you’ll be pumping holiday carols or listening to whatever’s on your Spotify playlist, a portable speaker is a wonderful gift that the recipient can use for parties or just relaxing at home.

This one from Sony offers extra bass, hands-free calling, and 6 hours of battery life.

A super-fun drone

What kid (and, let’s face it, what adult) doesn’t want a drone for Christmas?

While they used to be an expensive luxury item, the technology has developed by leaps and bounds, and there are now heaps of affordable drones on the market. This one is only $15. Here are even more listed for under $100 or under $50.

Let’s get flying!

A glow-in-the-dark toy rollercoaster

Shopping for the kids? What could be more fun than a rollercoaster that they get to build themselves? Once it’s assembled, the battery keeps it running, and at night, the entire structure glows neon.

And while plenty of toys this season are on the more costly side, this one is easy on the wallet.

A tiny computer

Maybe there’s someone on your gift list who loves playing with tech right at the source. For them, you can’t do better than Raspberry Pi, credit-card sized computers that can be used to create robotics and so much more.

There are several versions of the mini computer chip, with most hovering around $50 or less.

A slow cooker

Some of the hottest appliances are harkening back to yesteryear. Recently, slow cookers have made a massive comeback. The kitchen gadgets allow you to cook an amazing meal nearly hands-free. Perfect for soups, roasts, and plenty more, this is a must-have for any kitchen in 2018/2019. Here’s a great, affordable option here.

A smart speaker

Smart speakers offer a lot of advantages. If you know someone who wants to dip their toe into the world of smart speakers, why not gift them with an Echo Dot? This is the perfect entry-level tool for utilising our oh-so-helpful AI-driven friend, Alexa. And of course, the price is nice, too.

A handy organiser

For the tech-lover who’s got it all, this roll-up accessory organiser might be just the thing. It can take away the hassle of tangled earbuds, lost charging cables, and so much more. With a variety of compartments to fit their favourite accessories, this is a gift that will get a whole lot of use.

Check out the Dapper Wrapper, an organiser that is useful and looks sleek.

Order one for yourself, too.

A power bank

Another incredibly useful gadget to get for a friend or loved one is a power bank. In this day and age, we’re always on the go, and we need to keep our mobile phones and other items charged and ready. There are lots of options for affordable power banks that still pack a punch.

This one has a 4400mAh capacity, able to charge your mobile phone fully 2 or 3 times.

A gaming headset

If your family member is addicted to gaming, they’ll want a solid pair of gaming headphones to allow them to interact with other players. This set comes in a dynamic red design and has an attached microphone for easy communication. The price? Currently showing at $49.

A smartphone printer

Have you ever wanted to instantly print a photo from your smartphone? You can! This gift would be perfect for your niece who’s obsessed with Instagram, your wife who loves to scrapbook, or any budding smartphone photographer. Check out the TOMY KiiPixSmart Phone Printer in Cherry Blossom.

Printing great shots from your mobile has never been simpler.

A secret spy gadget

Here’s something that is both fun and useful, not to mention unique. The Kogan Spy Clock with Motion Detector looks like an unassuming alarm clock, but it’s actually a super-secret recording device as well. You can record during any times you need a little extra security, and store the data in the removable 8GB SDHC microSD card.


With these items for your holiday gifts, you might even have a little left over to buy something from your Christmas wish list.

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