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21st Feb 2020

Best mobile phones for Seniors in 2020


Mobile Phones for Seniors

As mobile phones are integrated into the lives of everyday Australians, they are becoming an inseparable part of our lives. But what about the people that don’t use mobile phones often, or at all?

Our beloved senior citizens are a prime example, with many opting to stick to what they know. Whether that be a call from a landline or a letter in the mail, we all know of a senior citizen that has been slow to adopt the use of a mobile phone.

That’s where mobile phones for seniors become useful. They’re phones for seniors specifically designed to make it easier for the elderly to connect with their loved ones. The added advantage is that they can help in the case of emergencies too. They are usually affordable and have been specifically designed to be as simple to operate as possible.

Swissvoice C50

The Swissvoice C50 is a fantastic example of a mobile phone for seniors. This phone has all the features that make it a great phone for seniors.

The Swissvoice C50 is a smartphone that also comes with a home base station, making phone charging simple for the elderly. The home base provides a range of extra functionality, including a loudspeaker for the hard of hearing to use on phone calls.

The phone screen has been stripped to the essentials, with large icons and text that make it easy to read and understand. The main menu is limited to the primary functions of the phone, with more advanced capabilities such as internet use placed under the ‘More’ section. The keyboard on the device is also very large, making it easy to use for texting and other essential functions.

This phone for seniors also provides peace of mind. The home base and smartphone both have an easily accessible SOS button, to alert carers or loved ones in the case of emergencies. The phone also comes with an emergency bracelet. Swissvoice’s Premium Service Dashboard also allows for remote assistance should your senior family member require any help.

Unlimited Phone Plans for Seniors

Unlimited phone plans are a great option for seniors with a phone, as they don't put a limit on how much they can contact loved ones. They are an easily understood concept that allows seniors to talk and text to their hearts' content.

Buying a phone outright means that you buy the phone with a one-time fee, and only pay ongoing fees for the monthly plan that you desire.

A phone plan allows you to stretch the fee for your phone out for 24 months, so you are essentially paying for the phone and the monthly unlimited plan together as one. At the end of the 24 months when your phone is fully paid off, you will only be charged for the monthly service plan.

Both options are available with Southern Phone. If you’re looking for the best mobile phone for a senior in your family visit Southern Phone’s website by clicking the following link: seniors’ mobile phone plans.

Mobile Phones for Seniors with Southern Phone

Mobile phones for seniors provide the opportunity for the elderly to communicate with their loved ones, effectively and easily. They provide peace of mind, and in the case of the Swissvoice C50 also help facilitate help in the case of an emergency.

The Swissvoice C50 is the best phone for seniors in 2020, with its ease-of-use and appropriate features that are tailored to the elderly user. This phone is affordable, safe and has the capability to send SOS signals in the case of an emergency.

The unlimited talk and text phone plans on offer from Southern Phone pair perfectly with this phone, whether it is a 24-month plan or an outright purchase. 

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