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14th Sep 2020

Benefits to Bundles


In the past, the internet was mostly provided through your phone line. This meant that both your phone and internet ran off the same line, preventing simultaneous use of the two services. As a result, it was common for a home’s internet and phone services to come from different providers. Nowadays, all your home phone, internet and mobile services can usually be provided through one telecommunication service provider. Instead of paying for all your telecommunication services separately, you may want to consider bundling them together into a singular payment plan. After all, they are all coming from the same provider! The benefits of doing so may surprise you.

Benefits to Bundled Phone & Internet Services

 1. Convenience

For busy Australians, the convenience that comes with a bundled phone and internet service can be a godsend. Instead of having to be in contact with separate providers for different services all with different concessions and usage limits, you can deal with all of that in the one place. The convenience of having all you need in one place stretches beyond just tracking your data usage. In the unfortunate case of service disruptions, it can be much easier to work out what’s gone wrong to block your access when it’s all coming from one place. 

2. Easy billing

Similarly, your billing will be much more straightforward as part of a bundled phone and internet plan. Instead of receiving multiple bills for different services at potentially different times of the month, you will receive one regular bill for all the services included within your plan. Although this will vary from different providers, it is not uncommon for there to be a range of bundles available. These bundles will sit at varying levels of complexity, offering a range of services at different price points. If you’re having trouble deciphering if your service is worth how much you’re spending, a bundled plan that is tailored to your needs can be the perfect way to consolidate and evaluate your expenditure. This is especially true for families, where multiple people are using a range of the services offered.

3. Value for Money

Perhaps the most important benefit to a bundled plan is that you will likely end up paying less than if you were to have all the same services on individual plans. If you have multiple services with the same provider on the same account you may receive a discount on bundled home phone, mobile and internet plans. On top of this, the increased internet speeds that have come with the continuing rollout of nbn™ in Australia has increased the usage of VoIP phone services, which are more economical. VoIP calls come from your home phone and are made via the internet, instead of over the traditionally used phone lines. This is a cheaper alternative, which has helped to drive home phone prices down.

Bundles for Internet & Phone

At Southern Phone, we offer a range of bundled services suited to Australian households. The nbn Triple Bundle combines home phone, high speed nbn and a mobile phone service. This bundle can even include an optional mobile handset as part of the overall price. Alternatively, you can take a look at our Home Phone & Broadband Bundles, which range in overall service offerings and price points. They include home phone and nbn services, all on the one bill. If you are looking for more information on how a bundled phone and internet plan can work for you, feel free to make use of our Live Chat window, or contact us today!

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