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3rd Feb 2020

Back to school phones


Now that the school year has started, many kids will be nudging their parents for back to school phones. For parents, this can be a stressful time. But investing in a phone for your child or teenager can come with significant benefits. While many parents are concerned about the dangers of mobile phones, they also provide extra assurance and security. As kids go back to school, phones will not only let you keep track of your child but also assist in organising school drop-offs and pick-ups with ease. Additionally, if they are ever in an emergency, they will have the means necessary to contact you or the appropriate services. You may roll your eyes when your child tells you they NEED a mobile phone— but in today’s schools, it is understandable why they feel that way. Statistics show that 85% of children aged 14-17 and 69% of children aged 11-14 have a phone. Mobile phones may help your child feel included around friends and better organise social events. Of course, the dangers of mobile phones are real for children. For this reason, Southern Phone offers products specifically designed to be teenager and kid safe.

The Best First Phone for your Teenager or Child

The Nokia 3310 is the best first phone for a teenager who is not quite ready for a smartphone. It still has all the crucial features of a mobile phone— with the Nokia 3310, your kids will be able to talk, text and stay in touch. The phone also has a basic browser, calculator, alarm, radio, calendar and camera but they won’t be able to take videos or access most social media apps.

Nokia 3310 Additional Features

There are several additional features that make the Nokia 3310 the best first phone for kids. The Nokia 3310 has a very long battery life, largely due to its more minimalistic functions. One of the main contributing factors to battery usage in a smartphone is related to powering the large screen. So, the fact that the screen is significantly smaller than a smartphone allows the battery to stay fuller for longer. The affordability of this phone means that you can ease your worry without too much financial strain on your wallet. While a smartphone can easily set you back more than $1000, you can get the Nokia 3310 for as little as $11 per month on a post-paid phone plan. The Nokia 3310 is also very durable. With a tough screen and hard plastic body, this mobile phone can handle much of what a young teenager can throw at it. The convenience of the internet and mobile phones can be great for both kids and parents alike. Particularly as kids go back to school, phones can make pick-ups and drop-offs a breeze. Mobile phones for kids and teenagers can be extremely useful for this very reason. For ultimate peace of mind, choose the Nokia 3310; The best first phone from Southern Phone.

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