Could the new Samsung Galaxy A70 be right for you?

In the past couple of years, phone manufacturers have really started upping their game when it comes to mid-range devices. This is great news for consumers, who have more choices than ever before, and more exciting features at a lower price point due to this increased competition among manufacturers.

But all the possibilities can also create a lot of confusion. How can you decide which mid-range device is right for you?

By reviewing various mobile devices, we hope we can help shed some light on the best options out there. Check out our previous reviews of the Samsung A30, A50, and the flagship S10 and S10+.

Samsung has always had a strong reputation for producing high-quality devices. For those who find the price of flagship models prohibitive, the Samsung A Series is just the ticket. Recently introducing several new models, this Samsung Galaxy range is becoming far more impressive and competitive. Samsung has a variety of options at a mid-range price point, and that is exciting.

In this post, we’ll be reviewing the recently released Samsung Galaxy A70, which retails for approximately $649 AUD.

The Specs

Here’s what you can expect from Samsung’s Galaxy A70:

The Look

What stands out immediately about the Samsung Galaxy A70 is its size. With a 6.7” display, this is a big phone. The massive infinity screen consumes the front panel, with hardly any bezels to detract. Like the A50, the A70 has Samsung’s “glastic” manufacture, a unique combination of a plastic material with a glass appearance. This body construction, plus a thin phone width, keep the device lightweight and usable. It weighs in at only 183g.

Unfortunately, the device is just slightly too big to use one-handed with comfort and ease. For those users who prefer a one-handed mobile experience, it may be advisable to go with a smaller model, such as the A50, with a slightly smaller display.

The Galaxy A70 is available in 4 unique colours, and each boasts the iridescent, multi-coloured sheen when looked at from the side. This is especially apparent on the black versions of the A70, giving the back panel an attractive ‘oil slick’ look. On the downside, this material scratches easily and retains fingerprints, so a protective case is a necessity.

On the right side of the device, you will find the power and volume keys, in an intuitive, reachable location. The left side has a SIM tray near the top. Along the bottom of the phone are a headphone jack, a speaker, and a USB-C port used for charging.

The Performance

So how does the A70 stack up?

Many reviewers and tech experts agree that the device’s top selling point is its screen. The A70 boasts the largest OLED screen of all midrange devices available across the market. Not only is it big and pleasing to look at, but the display is great, with sharpness and brightness levels that culminate in an excellent content viewing experience.

Overall performance of this device is quite smooth. The Snapdragon 675 processor is relatively new to the scene, and it does not disappoint. In many instances, the A70 performed CPU-driven tasks more quickly than its close sibling the A50.

As far as user experience, we’ve got the Android Pie with One UI. This means the phone comes chock full of features, and you can customise these to match your preferences. A cleaner design and larger app icons are a part of this package, and with the increased screen size of the A70, these are helpful.

The A70 incorporates an in-screen fingerprint scanner, which is a high-end feature. Unfortunately, most reviewers found this to function fairly slowly when it comes to unlocking your device. You can opt for face unlock as well if you prefer, and this may work more quickly than the fingerprint sensor.

For those searching out a phone with a robust battery life, the A70 fits the bill. With its impressive 4500 mAH battery, the A70 is built to last all day. In battery life tests, it stayed active for as long as 103 hours. When the big battery does run out, the device is ready for swift recharging. In fact, the A70 boasts faster charging than both the A50 AND the S10. This should be an attractive feature to heavy phone users.

Unique Features

What makes the A70 unique? Aside from the gigantic, sharp display, one of the device’s most exciting aspects is its camera setup. The A70 is outfitted with 3 rear-facing cameras. Triple camera setups are growing increasingly common, and we’re seeing them now on mid-range devices, which is pretty exciting.

Unfortunately, the cameras on the A70 have tended to get mediocre ratings across the board, proving that the midrange market is simply more competitive than ever.

A70 Cameras

The primary lens: a 32-megapixel with f/1.7 aperture, a 5-megapixel depth sensor with an f/2.2 aperture, as well as an 8-megapixel 120-degree wide-angle camera. This also features an f/2.2 aperture. Together, these three cameras achieve decent shots. Resulting images have good colours and contrast and a solid dynamic range. The detail and sharpness of the images are lacking somewhat and low light situations yield lower-quality shots as well. But in well-lit environments, the rear-facing cameras will get the job done.

On the front side of the phone is a selfie camera, a 32-megapixel front-facing camera. This stands up to scrutiny, capturing sharp and vivid portraits, especially in natural lighting.

The Conclusion

There’s been talk that the A70 is a device geared towards millennials, or those who are heavy phone users and who spend most of their device time browsing social media or consuming video content. Obviously, millennials are far from the only audience for this device! And with the popularity of video content and social media, millennials aren’t the only ones using their phones in this way. With its solid performance, fair-quality cameras, and massive battery life, anyone in search of a dependable midrange device will want to consider the A70.

Could the A70 be right for you? You will want to weigh its features closely against its main competitors, which include the closely-related A50 as well as the Huawei P30 Lite.

With many similarities, the A50 comes in at a lower price point and is a smaller device. This could be better for those who prefer a more manageable phone and one-handed usage.

For the highest quality Samsung’s, be sure to consider the S10 and S10+. These devices, though comparably more expensive, offer fantastic photography capabilities as well as other premium features you may desire.

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