Looking for a low-priced Android smartphone? The Alcatel 1X, made by Nokia-owned Alcatel Mobile, is a step up from its 2018 predecessor, but is it good enough for an everyday mobile?

Retailing for $199AUD, this phone is certainly priced rate for a good deal. And with a decent handset size and some fair features, it’s worth considering for a simple starter phone.

Let’s dive in and discover more about this budget handset:

The Specs

Here’s what you can expect from the Alcatel 1X, 2019 iteration.

The Look

It’s easy to assume that a budget handset is going to come equipped with a budget look. Some of that holds true for the Alcatel 1X, but there’s enough here that allows it to transcend the threat of looking “cheap.”

For one, the 5.5-inch display commands the majority of the phone’s surface real estate. This helps it keep pace with higher-end phones on the market, and the display’s resolution and performance are more than adequate, to boot.

The phone is constructed of plastic, but the rear panel is covered with a pebble-painted finish that creates a soft and easy-to-grip material that wraps around the sides of the device. This gives the phone an ergonomic aspect that makes it comfortable and pleasant to hold in the hand. Additionally, the finish is protective, resisting fingerprints, scratches, and smudges.

Other typical phone features are included on the Alcatel 1X. The right side holds the power and volume keys, while the left is home to the SIM tray. The top edge boasts a headphone jack, and the bottom houses a speaker, microphone, and the on the micro USB port.

The Performance

Don’t expect earth-shattering results from a $170 phone, but this handset performs quite respectably.

The display may be one of its standout features. At 5.5 inches, it covers the front of the device and offers a 720 x 1440 HD+ resolution display with solid and bright picture quality and crisp, balanced colours.

The phone lags a bit in speed tests (which is to be expected) and avid gamers playing graphics-heavy games won’t find the Alcatel 1X quite up to standard. But the battery life (a 3,000 maH battery) will keep you browsing the Internet and playing simple games for many hours of the day. For some users, this is all that is really needed for a reliable mobile. Unfortunately, there is no fast charging available with this phone.

The inbuilt storage of this phone is lacking somewhat, although that can be remedied with the addition of the micro USB slot, where you can instal cards of up to 128GB.

The Cameras

Mobile cameras have come incredibly far in recent years. While the Alcatel 1X’s photo equipment may not compare with flagship devices, the cameras have some commendable features.

The dual rear camera enables you to create a bokeh effect on your images (blurring the background) which is a prized feature for snapping attractive portraits.

Also handy is the ability to put all of your photo controls on one side of the display. This lets you use the phone one-handed while capturing your images (perfect for those selfie sessions!).

When using the front camera, you can enable a beautification mode as well, giving your face a subtle enhancement.

The Conclusion

While the Alcatel 1X isn’t presenting anything new and innovative in the world of mobile devices, it is a low-priced phone that ticks all the necessary boxes for a functional smartphone. It is easy to use, has ample battery power to last most of the workday, and has enough fun, useful features that give it a little something “more.” All in all, you really can’t beat the low price for a phone that gets the job done - if that’s all you’re after.

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